About the MechE Alliance Seminar Series

The MechE Alliance Seminar Series is a platform for connecting members of the MechE community, including current students, post-docs and faculty at MIT MechE, our alumni, industry and other external partners. Research thrives on sharing ideas and discoveries. Through these seminars, we support the free-flow of ideas and the networks of researchers that make up the global MechE community.

Seminars will rotate between talks from MIT MechE Faculty, Students and Postdocs, and our alumni and other partners. Topic are as varied as our research with focus areas being in mechanics, controls, instrumentation, & robotics, ocean science & engineering, micro & nano engineering, design & manufacturing, energy science & engineering, and bioengineering.

View recordings of past seminars as well as other videos from around MIT MechE at our MechE Alliance YouTube Channel.

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Towards 3D Architected Materials Beyond the Laboratory

Dr. Carlos Portela

Wednesday October 21, 2020
12:00-12:45pm US EDT
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Architected materials have been ubiquitous in nature, enabling unique properties that are unachievable by monolithic, homogeneous materials. Inspired by natural processes, human-made three-dimensional (3D) architected materials have been reported to enable novel mechanical properties such as high stiffness-to-density ratios or extreme resilience, increasingly so when nanoscale size effects are present. However, most architected materials have relied on advanced additive manufacturing (AM) techniques that are not yet scalable and yield small sample sizes—particularly if micro- or nanoscale features are desired. In this talk, we will discuss a few ongoing challenges in the push to enable architected materials beyond laboratory settings, as well as recent developments that aim to address these challenges. In particular, we will discuss a fabrication method that could bypass advanced AM processes in the creation of nano-architected materials with nano-shell morphologies, along with novel material designs that could enable extreme extensibility and on-demand tunable mechanical response.



About Dr. Carlos Portela

Carlos Portela is the d’Arbeloff Career Development Professor in Mechanical Engineering at MIT. Dr. Portela received his Ph.D. and M.S. in mechanical engineering from the California Institute of Technology. His research lies at the intersection of materials science, mechanics, and nano-to-macro fabrication with the objective of designing and testing novel materials—with features spanning from nanometers to centimeters—that yield unprecedented mechanical and acoustic properties. Present application areas in Dr. Portela’s group involve the creation of novel lightweight armor materials, ultrasonic devices for medical purposes, and new generations of highly resilient structural materials.

Upcoming MechE Alliance Seminars

  • Design and Control of Versatile High-speed and Large-range Atomic Force Microscopes
    Fangzhou Xia, PhD student, MIT MechE
    Wednesday October 28, 2020
    12-12:45pm US EDT
    Zoom Webinar Link:
  • Title TBA
    Wim van Rees, ABS Career Development Professor, MIT MechE
    Wednesday November 4, 2020
    12-12:45pm US EDT
    Zoom Webinar Link:
  • Title TBA
    Sili Deng Assistant Professor, MIT MechE
    Wednesday November 18, 2020
    12-12:45pm US EDT
    Zoom Webinar Link:
  • Mission Systems Engineering of the James Webb Space Telescope
    Mike Menzel, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
    Wednesday, December 2, 2020
    12-12:45pm US EDT
    Zoom Webinar Link:
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