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Yuming Liu

Yuming Liu

Principal Research Scientist

Room 5-326C
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
77 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge MA 02139-4307
Phone: 617-252-1647  
Fax: 617-258-9389  

Research Summary (PDF)
Curriculum Vitae (PDF)


Ph.D in Hydrodynamics, MIT, 1994. Theoretical and computational wave hydrodynamics.
S.M. in Coastal Engineering, University of Florida, 1988. Estuary dynamics and sediment transport.
S.B. in Civil Engineering, Hohai University, Nanjing, China, 1985. Structural mechanics and coastal engineering .


MIT Services:
June 1994: Postdoctoral Associate
January 1996: Research Scientist
July 1999 - Present: Principal Research Scientist


Consulting Record:
Advanced Marine Technology (AMT), Cambridge, MA
Chevron Texaco Corporation, Houston, TX
ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company, Houston, TX
ConocoPhillips Inc., Houston, TX
Science Application International Corporation, Annapolis, MD


Research Interests:
Theoretical and computational hydrodynamics with especial applications to naval engineering, marine structures, and coastal processes. Development of tools for analysis and design of advanced ocean systems including ships, offshore platforms, and underwater vehicles. Development of tools for ocean wave prediction. Wave/tide energy extraction, and advanced propulsion.
Principal Publications:
  1. Mann, J., Liu, Y., Kim, Y. & Yue, D.K.P. 2007 Deterministic and stochastic predictions of motion dynamics of dylindrical mines falling through water. IEEE Journal of Ocean Engineering, vol 32, 2007.

  2. Zhu, Q., Liu, Y. & Yue, D.K.P. 2006 Dynamics of a three-dimensional oscillating foil near the free surface, AIAA Journal., vol. 44 no. 12, 2997-3009.

  3. Wu, G. Liu, Y. & Yue, D.K.P. 2006 A note on stabilizing the Benjamin-Feir instability, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 556: 45-54.

  4. Zhu, Q., Liu, Y. & Yue, D.K.P. 2003 Three-dimensional instabilities of standing waves. Journal of Fluid Mechanics 496, 213-242.

  5. Xue, M., Liu, Y. & Yue, D.K.P. 2001 Computations of fully-nonlinear three-dimensional wave-wave and wave-body interactions --- Part I: Dynamics of three-dimensinal steep waves. Journal of Fluid Mechanics 438, 11-39.

  6. Liu, Y., Xue, M. & Yue, D.K.P. 2001 Computations of fully-nonlinear three-dimensional wave-wave and wave-body interactions --- Part II: Nonlinear wave force and runup on a body. Journal of Fluid Mechanics 438, 41-66.

  7. Liu, Y., Zhu, Q., Yue, D.K.P. 1999 Nonlinear radiated and diffracted waves due to the motions of a submerged circular cylinder. Journal of Fluid Mechanics 382, 263-282.

  8. Zhu, Q., Liu, Y., Yue, D.K.P. & Triantafyllou, M. S. 1999 Mechanics of nonlinear short-wave generation by a moored near-surface buoy. Journal of Fluid Mechanics 381, 305-335.

  9. Mei, X., Liu, Y. & Yue, D.K.P. 1999 On the impact of two-dimensional bodies. Journal of Applied Ocean Research 21, 1-15.

  10. Liu, Y. & Yue, D.K.P. 1998 On generalized Bragg scattering of surface waves by bottom ripples. Journal of Fluid Mechanics 356, 297-356.

  11. Tjavaras, A.A., Zhu, Q, Liu, Y., Yue, D.K.P. & Triantafyllou, M. S. 1998 The mechanics of highly-extensible cables. Journal of Sound and Vibration 213(4), 709-737.

  12. Liu, Y. & Yue, D.K.P. 1996 On the time dependence of the wave resistance of a body accelerating from rest. Journal of Fluid Mechanics 310, 337-363.

  13. Liu, Y., Yue, D.K.P. & Kim, M.H. 1993 First- and second-order responses of a floating toroidal structure in long-crested irregular seas. Applied Ocean Research 15, 155-167.

  14. Liu, Y. & Yue, D.K.P. 1993 On the solution near the critical frequency for an oscillating and translating body in or near a free surface. Journal of Fluid Mechanics 254, 251-266.

  15. Liu, Y., Dommermuth, D.G. & Yue, D.K.P. 1992 A high-order spectral method for nonlinear wave-body interactions. Journal of Fluid Mechanics 245, 115-136.

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