DEI Idea Submission

The MechE DEI Task Force is developing the department’s multi-year DEI strategic plan. To help shape this plan, we are asking members of the community to submit their ideas and thoughts on the problems and potential solutions related to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the department.

Here are some ways to get involved:

  • Submit a DEI Idea
  • DEI Ideathon Event
  • DEI Staff Discussion
  • Idea Submission Examples: To help brainstorm DEI idea submissions, the Task Force has drafted a series of hypothetical examples.

    Note: These idea submissions do not necessarily reflect the views, intentions, thoughts or beliefs of anyone on the MechE DEI Task Force. These examples are merely intended to provide some guidance on the type of information we would like to obtain from the submissions, as well as some guidance with respect to formatting (e.g., give your idea a title). There are no rigid requirements associated with the idea submissions.


    Example Idea Submission 1: “Increasing Graduate Student Diversity with Headhunters”

    Keywords: Diversity, recruitment, admissions, graduate students, inclusion.

    Example Idea Submission 2: “Eliminate Family Wealth as a Factor in Graduate Student Admissions”

    Keywords: Equity, graduate students

    Example Idea Submission 3: “MIT Inclusion Initiative”

    Keywords: Inclusion, staff, faculty, students

    Example Idea Submission 4: “Staff Grievance Proposal”

    Keywords: Inclusion, staff

    Example Idea Video Submission 1: “Exit Interviews“

    Keywords: Graduate Students

    Example Idea Video Submission 2: "Minority Institution Partnerships"

    Keywords: Inclusion, Minority

    Example Idea Video Submission 3: "GRE"

    Keywords: Graduate Students, Equity, Inclusion, GRE