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Ice Bucket Challenge: The MechE Way

Seth Lloyd, leading quantum mechanics expert, appointed Nam P. Suh Professor
The MIT Department of Mechanical Engineering (MechE) has announced that Professor Seth Lloyd has been appointed the Nam P. Suh Professor, a new chair established ...
“Grey swan” cyclones predicted to be more frequent and intense
“Grey swan” cyclones — extremely rare tropical storms that are impossible to anticipate from the historical record alone — will become more frequent in the ...
Unveiling a maritime legacy
The MIT Museum is a veritable treasure trove of scientific innovation and discovery. With exhibits ranging from robots and photography to ship models and ocean ...
Office of Digital Learning announces MITx Grant Program recipients
Following a call announced in April, the Office of Digital Learning (ODL) has announced the recipients of its first MITx Grant Program. The program was designed ...
Capturing cell growth in 3-D
Replicating how cancer and other cells interact in the body is somewhat difficult in the lab. Biologists generally culture one cell type in plastic plates, ...
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Amy Smith: Service Engineering
Amy B. Smith is an inventor who creates useful technologies for others. Yet before she could do that, she had to invent something else: a way to channel her skills into a path that was meaningful to her.
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Photo of Cullen Buie
The Mechanics: Modeling, Experimentation, and Computation (MMEC) area seeks to enable rational engineering innovation through research and education. Research - We advance and enrich the spectrum of scientific tools and physical models for predicting and understanding thermo-mechanical phenomena.