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LiquiGlide slides into consumer space
The days of wasting condiments — and other products — that stick stubbornly to the sides of their bottles may be gone, thanks to MIT spinout ...
A new look for nuclear power
Many experts cite nuclear power as a critical component of a low-carbon energy future. Nuclear plants are steady, reliable sources of large amounts of power; ...
Tackling challenges at the intersection of engineering and sports
The second annual STE@M Day, hosted by Sports Technology and Education @ MIT (STE@M), took place last month in the MIT Z-Center, following a day ...
Powering desalination with the sun
When graduate student Natasha Wright began her PhD program in mechanical engineering, she had no idea how to remove salt from groundwater to make it ...
Bubbling with passion for environmental engineering
Environmental concerns piqued the interest of civil and environmental engineering PhD candidate Xiaojing “Ruby” Fu from a very early age. Growing up in Changsha, China, ...
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Amy Smith: Service Engineering
Amy B. Smith is an inventor who creates useful technologies for others. Yet before she could do that, she had to invent something else: a way to channel her skills into a path that was meaningful to her.
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Alexander Slocum
Neil and Jane Pappalardo Professor of Mechanical Engineering

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The Mechanics: Modeling, Experimentation, and Computation (MMEC) area seeks to enable rational engineering innovation through research and education. Research - We advance and enrich the spectrum of scientific tools and physical models for predicting and understanding thermo-mechanical phenomena.