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Assistant Professor Sangbae Kim: Inspired by Nature

Moderating extremes in building design
Leon Glicksman designs buildings with an eye toward improved energy efficiency, and, like many of his MIT colleagues, he brings with him a high-tech portfolio. ...
Big range of behaviors for tiny graphene pores
The surface of a single cell contains hundreds of tiny pores, or ion channels, each of which is a portal for specific ions. Ion channels ...
Significant foundation grant extends two-way partnership with Italy through 2020
MIT President L. Rafael Reif and Gianfelice Rocca, chair of the Fondazione Fratelli Agostino ed Enrico Rocca, signed an agreement today renewing the Progetto Roberto ...
“A day a week” for postdocs helps bring MIT research inventions to market
Ronan McGovern, a postdoc in MIT’s Department of Mechanical Engineering, has been working on an innovative way to import beer. His approach allows foreign beer ...
Sand, sand everywhere
Senior Carrington Motley spends a lot of his time at MIT surrounded by sand. “Yeah, sand is everywhere,” he admits with a laugh. “It was already ...
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Energy Science & Engineering: Power Surge
The subject of energy - where it comes from, what it costs, its environmental footprint, how we use it, and how long current sources will last - is of primary importance today and will be one of the most critical areas of investment and research for decades to come.
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Ahmed Ghoniem
Ronald C. Crane (1972) Professor

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The Bioengineering area seeks to apply its knowledge and abilities to better understand the workings of biological systems that by their nature span a broad range of length scales, from molecules to organisms.