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MechE Senior Guangtao (Taotao) Zhang reflects upon her undergraduate journey at MIT

Giving robots a more nimble grasp
Most robots on a factory floor are fairly ham-handed: Equipped with large pincers or claws, they are designed to perform simple maneuvers, such as grabbing ...
A cheaper, high-performance prosthetic knee
In the last two decades, prosthetic limb technology has grown by leaps and bounds. Today, the most advanced prostheses incorporate microprocessors that work with onboard ...
How to look for a few good catalysts
Two key physical phenomena take place at the surfaces of materials: catalysis and wetting. A catalyst enhances the rate of chemical reactions; wetting refers to ...
Object recognition for robots
John Leonard’s group in the MIT Department of Mechanical Engineering specializes in SLAM, or simultaneous localization and mapping, the technique whereby mobile autonomous robots map ...
Predicting the shape of river deltas
The Mississippi River delta is a rich ecosystem of barrier islands, estuaries, and wetlands that’s home to a diverse mix of wildlife — as well ...
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Thermal-Fluids Engineering: The Engine of Innovation
From the time of Caesar until the advent of the railroad in the 19th century, there were no major changes in mechanics that made a trip around the world faster, cheaper, or safer.
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Kamal Youcef-Toumi
Professor of Mechanical Engineering

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Micro & Nano Engineering
The Micro and Nano Engineering area seeks to create new engineering knowledge and products on the micro and nano-scale.