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Lemelson-MIT announces National Collegiate Student Prize Competition winners
$50,000 awarded to undergraduate and graduate student inventors ...
Professor John Leonard Elected to IEEE Fellowship
We are pleased to announce that Associate Head of Research and Professor of Mechanical and Ocean Engineering John J. Leonard, whose research focuses on addressing ...
Orienteering for robots
Algorithm for determining orientation of objects could aid robots in navigation, scene understanding. ...
New video for old problems
The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering sponsors a video-making competition for its students. ...
Le Morte d'Arthur and the engineer
Laura Meeker '14 designed a game combining engineering and literature to convey the essence of Malory's "Le Morte d'Arthur." ...
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Ian Hunter: Innovator Actuator
Professor Ian Hunter has high standards for his students.
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Rohan Abeyaratne
Quentin Berg Professor of Mechanics

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Micro & Nano Engineering
The Micro and Nano Engineering area seeks to create new engineering knowledge and products on the micro and nano-scale.