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MechE Classes

First-Year Introductory Subjects
Subject ID Title Class Offered
2.000 Explorations in Mechanical Engineering Spring
2.00A Fundamentals of Engineering Design: Explore Space, Sea and Earth Spring
2.00B Toy Product Design Spring
2.00C Design for Complex Environmental Issues: Building Solutions and Communicating Ideas Spring
Core Undergraduate Subjects
Subject ID Title Class Offered
2.00 Introduction to Design Fall
2.001 Mechanics and Materials I Fall, Spring
2.002 Mechanics and Materials II Spring
2.003J Dynamics and Control I Fall, Spring
2.004 Dynamics and Control II Fall, Spring
2.005 Thermal-Fluids Engineering I Fall, Spring
2.006 Thermal-Fluids Engineering II Fall, Spring
2.007 Design and Manufacturing I Spring
2.008 Design and Manufacturing II Fall, Spring
2.009 Product Engineering Process Fall
2.013/2.733 Engineering Systems Design Fall
2.014/2.734 Engineering Systems Design and Development II Spring
2.016 Hydrodynamics Fall
2.017[J] Design of Electromechanical Robotic Systems Spring
2.019 Design of Ocean Systems Spring
Dynamics and Acoustics
Subject ID Title Class Offered
2.032 Dynamics Fall
2.062[J] Wave Propagation Spring
2.065/2.066 Acoustics and Sensing Spring
Solid Mechanics and Materials
Subject ID Title Class Offered
2.071 Mechanics of Solid Materials Spring
2.072 Mechanics of Continuous Media Fall
2.074 Solid Mechanics: Elasticity Fall
2.075 Mechanics of Soft Materials Fall
2.080J Structural Mechanics Fall
2.081[J] Plates and Shells: Static and Dynamic Analysis Spring
2.082 Ship Structural Analysis and Design Spring
Computational Engineering
Subject ID Title Class Offered
2.086 Numerical Computation for Mechanical Engineers Fall, Spring
2.095 Intro to Finite Elementary Methods Spring
System Dynamics and Control
Subject ID Title Class Offered
2.12/2.120 Introduction to Robotics Fall, Spring
2.121/2.122 Stochastic Systems Spring
2.14/2.140 Analysis and Design of Feedback Control Systems Spring
2.151 Advanced System Dynamics & Control Fall
2.152[J] Nonlinear control Spring
2.154 Maneuvering and Control of Surface and Underwater Vehicles Fall
2.160 Identification, Estimation, and Learning Fall
2.165 Robotics Fall
2.168[J] Learning Machines Spring
2.183[J]/2.184 Biomechanics and Neural Control of Movement Fall
2.18[J]/2.180[J] Biomolecular Feedback Systems Spring
Fluid Mechanics and Combustion
Subject ID Title Class Offered
2.20 Marine Hydrodynamics Fall
2.22 Design Principles for Ocean Vehicles Spring
2.24[J] Ocean Wave Interactions with Ships and Offshore Energy Systems Spring
2.25 Fluids Mechanics Fall
2.29/2.290 Numerical Fluid Mechanics Spring
MEMS and Nanotechnology
Subject ID Title Class Offered
2.37/2.370 Fundamentals of Nanoengineering Spring
Subject ID Title Class Offered
2.42 General Thermodynamics Fall
Heat and Mass Transfer
Subject ID Title Class Offered
2,51 Intermediate Heat and Mass Transfer Fall
2.55 Advanced Heat and Mass Transfer Spring
2.57/2.570 Nano-to-Macro Transport Processes Fall
Energy and Power Systems
Subject ID Title Class Offered
2.60[J]/2.62[J] Fundamentals of Advanced Energy Conversion Spring
2.611/2.612 Marine Power and Propulsion Fall
2.625J Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage: Fundamentals Materials and Applications Fall
Experimental Engineering
Subject ID Title Class Offered
2.670 Mechanical Engineering Tools Fall, Spring
2.671 Measurement and Instrumentation Fall, Spring
2.674 Introduction to Micro/Nano Engineering Laboratory Spring
2.675/2.676 Micro/Nano Engineering Laboratory Fall
2.678 Electronics for Mechanical Systems Fall, Spring
2.679 Electronics for Mechanical Systems II Spring
Oceanographic Engineering and Acoustics
Subject ID Title Class Offered
2.680 Marine Autonomy, Sensing, and Communication Spring
2.688 Principles of Oceanographic Instrument Systems -- Sensors and Measurements Fall
2.689J Projects in Oceanographic Engineering Fall, Spring
Naval Architecture
Subject ID Title Class Offered
2.700/2.701 Principles of Naval Architecture Fall
2.702 Systems Engineering and Naval Ship Design Spring
2.703 Principles of Naval Ship Design Fall
2.704 Projects in Naval Ship Conversion Design Spring
2.705 Projects in New Concept Naval Ship Fall, Spring
Subject ID Title Class Offered
2.71/2.710 Optics Fall
Subject ID Title Class Offered
2.70/2.77 Fundamentals of Precision Product Design Spring
2.72/2.720 Elements of Mechanical Design Spring
2.729 D-lab Design for Scale Fall
2.739[J] Product Design and Development Spring
2.74/2.740 Bio-inspired Robotics Fall
2.777/2.778 Large and Complex Systems Design and Concept Development Fall
Subject ID Title Class Offered
2.75/2.750 Medical Device Design Fall
2.782[J] Design of Medical Devices and Implants Spring
2.787 Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Fall
2.788 Mechanical Engineering and Design of Living systems Fall
2.795J Fields, Forces, and Flows in Biological Systems Fall
2.79J Biomaterials: Tissue Interactions Fall
Subject ID Title Class Offered
2.810 Manufacturing Processes and Systems Fall
2.812/2.832 Solving for Carbon Neutrality at MIT Spring
2.830J Control for Manufacturing Processes Fall
2.853/2.854 Introduction to Manufacturing Systems Fall
Engineering Management
Subject ID Title Class Offered
2.96/2.961 Management in Engineering Fall
Advanced Topics and Special Subjects
Subject ID Title Class Offered
2.98/2.980 Sports Technology: Engineering & Innovation Fall
2.982 Ecology and Sustainability of Coastal Ecosystems Fall
2.991 Introduction to Graduate Study in Mechanical Engineering Fall
2.s009 Explorations in Product Design Fall
2.S19 Hacking the Future Fall
2.S972 Making VR Immersive Experiences Fall
2.S979 Innovation Teams (iTeams) Fall
2.S981 Engineering of Nanoscale Materials Spring
2.S982 Advanced Manufacturing Shop Skills Spring
2.S983 Photonic bio(chemical) sensing Fall
2.S984 Interfacial Engineering Fall
2.S985 Exploring Sustainability at Different Scales Fall
2.S986 Applications of Machine Learning Fall
2.S987 Metamaterials: Fundamentals, Design & Applications Spring
2.S988 Translational Engineering Spring
2.S990 Fashion Engineering Spring
2.S992 Nanofabrication by self-assembly Fall

Class Offered