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The MechE Alliance taps into the Department of Mechanical Engineering’s diverse and distinguished community to foster meaningful relationships between students, alumni, and industry partners. We connect members of the MechE community through a variety of programs and on-campus events.

For Students

The MechE Alliance prepares current undergraduate and graduate students for life after MIT through mentorship opportunities, career advising, and connecting them to industry partners.

By joining the MechE Alliance Mentorship Program, you’ll learn from someone who has been in your shoes. We will help you find a mentor who shares your professional interests, skills, or background. You and your mentor will be invited to participate in a number of on-campus gatherings and networking events.

Career Advising
If you’re interested in career advice, honing your presentation skills, or preparing for interviews – the MechE Alliance staff can provide in-person consultation. Our Director, Joe Rife, will meet with you on-campus to learn about your goals and provide feedback.

Join the Team
Gain experience working directly with industry partners by becoming a MechE Alliance Connector. Student Connectors act as a liaison between MechE and companies. As a Connector, you will be responsible for arranging on-campus visits with industry representatives and working with the Director on designing activities that fit the company’s needs.

For Alumni

Alumni participating in the MechE Alliance are given a unique opportunity to give back and reconnect with the MechE community through mentorship and engagement with fellow alumni, faculty members, and industry partners.

By becoming a mentor, you will help some of the 1,200 students enrolled in MechE’s undergraduate and graduate programs develop and grow. We will refer students who would most benefit from your insight and expertise. You will also gain direct access to the campus community through a series of milestone events where you can network with fellow alumni, recruit interns or employees, and speak with students and faculty about the latest research being conducted at MechE.

On Campus Events
As a member of the MechE Alliance, you will be invited to exclusive on-campus events. Throughout the academic year, a number of gatherings centered around seminal Course 2 events will provide you with an opportunity to meet students, fellow alumni, industry partners, and faculty. Events such as the Mechanical Engineering Research Exhibition (MERE), 2.007 and 2.009 Showcases, and the Sports Technology Summit will provide you with insight into MechE’s culture while fostering connections that can lead to collaboration and recruitment.

For Industry Partners

The MechE Alliance provides companies and organizations unique access to the mechanical engineering community at MIT. Each industry partner will work directly with a student Connector who will organize activities catered to your unique needs.

We provide companies with various recruitment opportunities including meeting with students in relevant research areas, touring MechE labs, hosting office hours on-campus, and attending milestone events such as the Mechanical Engineering Research Exhibition and Sports Technology Summit throughout the year.

Access to Research
The MechE Alliance provides industry partners a direct link to the ground-breaking research conducted by our faculty, researchers, and students. Through lab tours and meetings with students and faculty members, you will have early access to research as its being conducted – providing you with unique collaboration opportunities.

Sponsorship Opportunities
Our program director, Joe Rife SB ’66, SM ’68, and PhD ’74, will work directly with you on identifying the appropriate sponsorship options that fit your organization’s needs. Whether it's sponsoring a capstone class in design or entrepreneurship, participating in a consortium that supports innovative research, or launching new collaborative projects – the MechE Alliance provides industry partners with a variety of options tailored to their needs.

Meet Our Director: Joe Rife

MechE is the unifying thread woven through Joe Rife’s career. He earned three degrees in Course 2 with an SB ’66, SM ’68, and PhD ’74. For the past 35 years, Joe has served as President, Founder and Management Consultant at GENEVA Group Inc., an engineering technology and systems company. His experience working with clients across a wide spectrum of private, government, and international corporations has given him a vast network of contacts and experience in understanding various industries.

As Director of the MechE Alliance, Joe creates and administers services that connect students, alumni, and industry partners. His background and skills will help build a community where meaningful and lasting connections can form across a spectrum of generations, backgrounds, and industries.