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Course 2-A: SB in Engineering as recommended by the Department of Mechanical Engineering

Course 2-A is designed for students whose academic and career goals demand greater breadth and flexibility than are allowed under the mechanical engineering program, Course 2. To a large extent, the 2-A program allows students an opportunity to tailor a curriculum to their own needs, starting from a solid mechanical engineering base. The program combines a rigorous grounding in core mechanical engineering subjects with an individualized course of study focused on a second area that the student designs with the help and approval of the 2-A faculty advisor. The program leads to the degree Bachelor of Science in Engineering as recommended by the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

This program has been accredited by the Accreditation Commission of ABET,, as an engineering degree.

A significant part of the 2-A curriculum consists of electives chosen by the student to provide in-depth study of a field of the student’s choosing. A wide variety of popular concentrations are possible in which well-selected academic subjects complement a foundation in mechanical engineering and general Institute requirements. Some examples of potential concentrations include biomedical engineering and pre-medicine; energy conversion engineering; engineering management; product development; robotics; sustainable development; and architecture and building technology. The ME faculty have developed specific recommendations in some of these areas; details are available in the 2A blog and elsewhere on this site.

Concentrations are not limited to those listed above. Students are encouraged to design and propose technically oriented concentrations that reflect their own needs and those of society.

The student’s overall program must contain a total of at least one and one-half years of engineering- topics content (144 units) appropriate to the student’s field of study. The required core subjects include approximately 72 units of engineering topics. The self-designed concentration must include at least 72 more units of engineering topics. While engineering topics are usually covered through engineering subjects, subjects outside the School of Engineering may provide material essential to the engineering program of some concentrations. For example, management subjects usually form an essential part of a engineering management concentration. In all cases, the relationship of concentration subjects to the particular theme of the concentration must be obvious; the concentration subjects must be letter-graded; and the concentration subjects may not fulfill GIR requirements, except for the one REST subject included in the concentration. A thesis (2.ThU) of up to 12 units may be included in the concentration, if desired.

Students who wish to pursue this degree must advise the department’s Undergraduate Office during their sophomore year to allow enough time to plan a complete program. Registration for this degree program requires approval from the MechE Undergraduate Office. The online enrollment form must be submitted by the start of the term following a student’s enrollment in Course 2-A.


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