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Amos Winter Named to MIT Technology Review's Annual Innovators Under 35 List

We are very pleased to announce that Assistant Professor Amos Winter has been named to MIT Technology Review’s prestigious list of “Innovators Under 35” this year. 

For more than a decade, MIT Technology Review has recognized a list of exceptionally talented technologists whose work has great potential to transform the world. Professor Winter has been honored as an outstanding humanitarian by the magazine for his Leveraged Freedom Chair (LFC) project. 



The idea for the LFC was prompted by Winter’s desire to create a wheelchair that could travel off-road for approximately 2 miles a day, could be powered manually with ease, was small enough to use indoors, and didn’t cost more than $200. It was these constraints that forced him to create an innovative solution, one that was able to solve a complicated problem simply and elegantly. Made out of widely accessible bike parts, his chair exploits basic geometry and eliminates the need for complex mechanisms. By pushing on two levers and adjusting the height of their grip, LFC users vary the torque going into the drive train as needed, based on the environment.


Professor Winter’s research group is focused on understanding the fundamental physics of technological challenges in emerging markets and using this insight to create products with high performance and a much lower cost than those that exist in developed markets. Their areas of innovation include irrigation, water purification, prosthetics, agriculture, and transportation. 


“These types of challenges are extremely difficult to solve, with no clear solution, so we really have to innovate,” says Winter. “But there’s a potential for huge impact, and you may affect a person in a life or death way. Not only that, but if your solution works in a very constrained environment, then it has the potential to work well everywhere.”


“Over the years, we’ve had success in choosing women and men whose innovations and companies have been profoundly influential on the direction of human affairs,” says MIT Technology Review’s editor-in-chief and publisher Jason Pontin. “Previous winners include Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the cofounders of Google; Mark Zuckerberg, the cofounder of Facebook; Jonathan Ive, the chief designer of Apple; and David Karp, the creator of Tumblr. We’re proud of our selections and the variety of achievements they celebrate, and we’re proud to add Amos to this prestigious list.”


This year’s honorees will be featured online at starting today, and in the September/October print magazine, which hits newsstands worldwide on September 3. They will appear in person at the upcoming EmTech MIT conference from October 9–11 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. 


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