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Nicholas Makris

Contact Info

room 5-212

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

77 Massachusetts Avenue

Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139

Administrative Contact Fox, Geoffrey 5-204 617.253.9344


  • 1983


  • 1991



Honors + Awards

  • William I. Koch Professor of Marine Technology
  • Bose Fellow 2016
  • Chief Scientist of Nordic Seas Ecosystem-Scale Fish Shoal and Marine Mammal
    Behavioral Dynamics Experiment, Joint ONR and Institute of Marine
    Research Norway January 2012-2014
  • Chief Scientist Exploring New Ground Fish Survey Methods in the Gulf of
    Maine, for Massachusetts State Fall 2011-2012
  • Chief Scientist of Joint ONR, Mexican Navy, US Department of Homeland
    Security, NOAA Seagrant, Experiment Series: Hurricane Quantification with
    Natural Undersea Sound, Isla Socorro, Mexico. March 2008-2011
  • Chief Scientist of National Oceanographic Partnership Program Ocean
    Acoustic Waveguide Remote Sensing (OAWRS) Fish Group Behavior and
    Population Assessment Experiment on Georges Bank and Gulf of Maine Fall
    2006. Sept-Oct 2006
  • NASA Group Achievement Award to Jupiter Icy Moons Orbiter Science Definition Team April 2005
  • Chief Scientist of ONR Acoustic Clutter (Geoclutter) Program and Experiment
    including OAWRS Fisheries Demonstration Mid-Atlantic Bight April-May 2003
  • Chief Scientist of ONR Acoustic Clutter (Geoclutter) Reconnaissance
    Experiment, Mid-Atlantic Bight, April -May 2001
  • Doherty Professor of Ocean Utilization July 2000
  • Edgerly Fellow March 2000
  • Secretary of the Navy/Chief of Naval Operations
    Scholar of Oceanographic Sciences 1999-2003
  • Fellow of the Acoustical Society of America Dec. 1997
  • ONR Young Investigator May 1996
  • Alan Berman Outstanding Publication Award, NRL 1996
  • A. B. Wood Medal, Institute of Acoustics, UK 1995
  • Chief Scientist NRL Beach Noise Imaging Experiment, Camp Pendleton, CA
    June 1995
  • Navy Special Act Award Feb. 1994
  • Elected by University and Government Panel to Design, Select Sites and Direct Main Acoustics Experiment of the Decade Long ONR Special Research Program on Seafloor Reverberation, Mid-Atlantic Ridge. 1992-1993


  • Current Classes
  • 2.066/2.065    Acoustics and Sensing      
  • 2.003    Modeling, Dynamics and Control I
  • 2.031     Dynamics II


  • Journal Publications
  • (** indicated papers with Makris’ students)
  • D. H. Yi, Z. Gong, J. M. Jech, P. Ratilal, and N. C. Makris, "Instantaneous 3D Continental-Shelf Scale Imaging of Oceanic Fish by Multi-Spectral Resonance Sensing Reveals Group Behavior during Spawning Migration," Remote Sens. 2018, 10(1), 108; doi:10.3390/rs10010108
  • **D. Wang, H.Garcia, W. Huang, D.D. Tran, A.D. Jain, D. H. Yi, Z. Gong, J. M. Jech, O. R. Godø, N. C. Makris, & P. Ratilal, "Vast assembly of vocal marine mammals from diverse species on fish spawning ground", Nature, doi:10.1038/nature 16960, 02 March 2016.
  • **Ankita D. Jain and Nicholas C. Makris, “Maximum Likelihood Deconvolution of Beamformed Images with Signal-Dependent Speckle Fluctuations from Gaussian Random Fields: With Application to Ocean Acoustic Waveguide Remote Sensing (OAWRS),”Remote Sens. 2016, 8 (9), 694 (2016);
  • **Dong Hoon Yi and Nicholas C. Makris,"Feasibility of Acoustic Remote Sensing of Large Herring Shoals and Seafloor by Baleen Whales”Remote Sens. 2016, 8 (9), 693 (2016)
  • **Hadi T. Nia, Ankita D. Jain, Yuming Liu, M. Reza Alam, Roman Barnas and Nicholas C. Makris, "The evolution of air resonance power efficiency in the violin and its ancestors", Proceedings of the Royal Society A, February, 2015.
  • **Z. Gong, P. Ratilal, N.C. Makris, "Simultaneous localization of multiple broadband non-impulsive acoustic sources in an ocean waveguide using the array invariant." J. Acoust. Soc.
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  •  **D. D. Tran, W. Huang, A. Bohn, D. Wang, Z. Gong, N. C. Makris, and P. Ratilal, “Using a coherent hydrophone array for observing sperm whale range, classification, and shallow-water dive profiles,” J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 135, 3352-3363, (2014).
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  • **Nicholas Makris, “Unidentified floating objects: New sonar imagery reveals mysterious echos to be enormous schools of fish,” IEEE Spectrum (feature paper), August 2011.
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