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Research in Mechanical Engineering

Research in the department may be broadly divided into seven so-called "thrust" areas. The links below provide descriptions of departmental research laboratories and centers. Descriptions of the research interests and activities of individual faculty may be found in the faculty personal pages.


Mechanics: Modeling, Experimentation, & Computation

Computational Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Mechanics of Solid Materials, Nonlinear Dynamics, Acoustics, Transport Phenomena.


Design, Manufacturing, & Product Development

Design theory and applications, computer aided design, product design, design for manufacturing, axiomatic design, manufacturing systems and processes, precision engineering, applications.


Controls, Instrumentation, & Robotics

Control theory and application, modeling, system theory, optics, quantum computing, information technology and applications.


Energy Science & Engineering

Engines, propulsion systems, power generation, combustion and reaction, wind power, solar energy, electrochemical energy storage, thermoelectricity, fuel cells, thermodynamics, heat and mass transfer, cryogenics, nanoscale systems and processes.


Ocean Science & Engineering

Marine hydrodynamics, ocean acoustics, marine robotics, naval architecture, offshore structures, naval construction and engineering, ship design.



Biomechanics, bio-instrumentation, imaging and image analysis, tissue engineering and modeling, human rehabilitation, bio-fluid mechanics.


Micro & Nano Engineering

Creating new engineering knowledge and products on the micro and nano-scale.

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