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MechE Academic Programs

The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers a diverse range of rigorous academic programs designed to prepare undergraduate and graduate students for the challenges and opportunities that abound in modern technology and society. Our students' ultimate destinations include industry, research, public service, and academia, and a MechE degree provides skills, knowledge, and experience that will help them become leaders in these careers.


The Department offers degrees in three Undergraduate Programs - including not only a traditional mechanical engineering degree, but also one in ocean engineering and one in which students can pursue their own area of focus - and it offers a minor program for students who wish to supplement their studies in other field with a solid foundation in mechanical engineering.


MechE offers a breadth of Graduate Programs leading to SM degrees, engineering degrees, and Ph.D. or Sc.D. degrees. Areas of study include mechanical engineering, ocean engineering, manufacturing, engineering management, and more. We offer a joint degree program in oceanographic engineering with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute in Cape Cod, Massachusetts and a Naval Construction & Engineering program that enrolls officers from the US Navy and from the navies of nations across the world.

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