In 2019, the I2P Program offered graduate students in mechanical engineering project opportunities in research areas such as acoustics, wearable electronics, health, fluid sciences, mechanics, advanced manufacturing, design, bioengineering, nano-engineering, and more.

Below are example project opportunities from our 2019 I2P projects:

  • Pilots experience large vibrational and acoustic (noise) loading – Project involves vibro-acoustic modeling and improving human protective gear to reduce its vibrational and acoustic response.
  • Reduction of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and bodily injury - Project involves modelling of biomechanical injury pathways associated with high intensity sounds and blasts.
  • Reduction of bodily injury - Creation of tools and instruments to measure and estimate the biomechanical loading of humans and animals.
  • Research Investment decision making – Project will involve technology roadmap analysis using machine learning to help determine where to invest research funding.
  • Mobile Health - Development of computer administered assessment tests for early assessment and intervention for neuropsychological (developmental and acquired) diseases and disorders.
  • Mobile Health - Development of apps and games to aid in auditory training and tinnitus management.
  • Advanced Manufacturing - Design and development of “in the field” manufacturing and repair technologies.
  • Sports and sensors - Using data from players, ball, and playing space develop new analytic criteria for evaluating players who may otherwise be/have been overlooked.
  • Advanced Manufacturing - Design and study of reconfigurable manufacturing system to flexibly respond to short timelines in the globalized marketplace.
  • Robotics and Intelligent Systems – Developing automated and smart machines and mechanical systems for health and transportation applications.
  • Wearables, electrical Connections - Propose and evaluate methods of making durable electrical connections for power and communication through many layers of material or regions of material that are thin, flexible and/or compliant.
  • Surface micro-texture for improved friction control - Develop an analytical model (in Matlab, Python, other) or CFD model (using commercial software packages) to simulate textures for distributing lubricant of specified viscosity and forming lubrication films under hydrodynamic conditions.
  • Automated Surface Finish Analysis - Research a system which combines multiple sensing modalities (physical and optical/reflectometry) with emerging computational imaging techniques and computer vision to determine categories of surface finish.
  • Acoustic Metamaterials: Scouting Novel Structures - Experimental design, simulation, and evaluation of acoustic metamaterials, those that achieve outstanding acoustic properties via a combination of inherent properties of their constituent materials and an engineered structure or surface.
  • 3D Printing: Automating Support Structures - Most 3D printing processes need support posts and structures designed to stabilize the part as the layers are deposited. The project will include developing design rules based on materials properties, mechanical properties and 3D printing processes. The student will work to implement these design rules into commercial software.
  • Autonomous Vehicles – Project involves design and evaluation of novel sensor systems for enhanced autonomous vehicle operation.
  • Autonomous Vehicles – Project involves applying machine learning to autonomous vehicle operation data in order to extract actionable insight.
  • Smart Machines – Design and control of smart machines and robotic system for assembly and interaction with human operators.
  • Autonomous Machines programing with via Operator Tracking – Develop system to track human subject to collect data. Using tools like machine learning tools to extract features and characterize operator motion.

If students have had contact with a company not listed below, they are welcome to reach out to the Program Faculty Director to propose a project.