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We Like to Have Fun

We started brainstorming from a blank sheet and asking ourselves very basic, almost silly questions. We didn’t constrain ourselves to traditional approaches or ways of thinking.

Who are we?

What’s so unique about the MIT MechE spirit? Hear it straight from our students and faculty in this short video.

At MechE, We Celebrate Diversity

Our success in both teaching and research is greatly enhanced by cultural, ethnic, and racial diversity. Inclusion of and mutual respect for each member of our community invigorate and sustain every aspect of our mission.

Get Excited and Build Things

From eccentric faculty to passionate students, from academic rigor to creative exploration, from classroom innovation to customizable curriculums, a MechE education is a one-of-a-kind combination of uncompromising analysis, practical hands-on experience, and the kind of uninhibited creativity that can only come from real excitement for making and building.

Undergraduate Studies

The undergraduate program is compromised of the traditional Course 2 degree, the customizable 2-A degree, and the 2-OE ocean engineering degree.

Graduate Studies

The graduate program offers 7 master’s degrees and a PhD or ScD, as well as a dual MS/MBA degree and a joint program in Oceanography/Applied Ocean Science & Engineering with Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.


MechE’s approximately 90 postdoctoral scholars are part of a larger community of more than 1,400 postdocs at MIT. They hold doctoral degrees and pursue a program of research and training under the direction of an MIT faculty member.

Celebrate MechE Innovation at One of Our Annual Student Events

Looking Beneath the Surface

The passion of our faculty and students, both in 1865 when classes first began and now, for pushing boundaries and developing creative solution to the world’s problems has led to a remarkable number of discoveries along the way.