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From Macro to Nano, And Everything In Between

Mechanical Engineering is a versatile and interdisciplinary field that includes everything from nano engineering at the smallest scales – down to one-thousandth the size of a human hair – to the biggest systems, such as those for large-scale manufacturing or water desalination. We bring our signature passion, creativity, and rigor to bear on the world’s greatest challenges, for example:

Ocean engineering research projects range from flow sensors inspired by the whiskers of seals to fleets of autonomous underwater vehicles.

Energy engineering research projects range from thermoelectric devices that turn waste heat into electricity to the development of lithium air batteries that could extend the range of electric cars significantly.

Robotic engineering research projects range from a bio-inspired robotic cheetah that can run untethered to robots that can switch from hard to soft to squeeze through tight spaces, then back to hard to pick something up and throw it.

Department Mission

We seek to produce future leaders for industry, academia, government, and society -- leaders whose vision is founded upon fundamental knowledge, analytical skills, creativity, perspective, and ethics. We seek to advance technology and science by combining basic knowledge with the innovative application of engineering and scientific principles. And we seek to enrich our educational and research programs, and ultimately society, through service.

Educational Mission

We prepare students for careers involving technological innovation and leadership. Our undergraduate program provides a broad base on which successful careers in engineering and a number of other fields can be founded. Our graduate program aims to prepare specialists, professionals, and scholars in mechanical engineering. Our graduates go on to a vast array of careers in product design, research, management, medicine, government, teaching, public service, and entrepreneurship.

Culture at MIT MechE

Our faculty and students’ passion for pushing boundaries and developing creative solutions to the world’s problems has led to a remarkable number of discoveries – and a lot of fun too.

How to Apply

Undergraduate Admission

Please visit the Admissions Office home page to apply to MIT as an undergraduate. Since students select their majors during the spring term of their first year at MIT, all undergraduate applications are general. Information on choosing a major can be found at the First Year at MIT web site.

Graduate Admission

Students applying for graduate admission to the Department of Mechanical Engineering should apply directly to the department, which makes all graduate application decisions. You can find details of the graduate application process at Applying For Admission.

Are you a current student looking for academic information? Visit our Education page.