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Build an Undergraduate Degree Around Building

Undergraduate Degree Programs

Course 2:
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Course 2 is a structured program that prepares students for a broad range of career choices in the field of mechanical engineering. It develops the relevant engineering fundamentals, provides experience in their application, and introduces the important methods and techniques of engineering practice.

Course 2-A:
Bachelor of Science in Engineering

Course 2-A allows students to combine the essential elements of the structured mechanical engineering program with study in another, complementary field. Starting with a solid mechanical engineering base, students are able to tailor their curriculum to fit their individual focus.

Course 2-OE: Bachelor of Science in Mechanical and Ocean Engineering

Course 2-A is a customizable bachelor’s degree for students who wish to combine a firm foundation in mechanical engineering with a specialization in ocean engineering. The program includes engineering aspects of ocean sciences, ocean exploration, and those related to the utilization and protection of the oceans.

Underlying all three of our SB degree program options is an unrelenting emphasis on how to build things that work well and make a lasting impact. Through hands-on experience, we teach our students to think creatively, act ethically, and work analytically no matter what engineering problem they face.

How to Apply

Please visit the Admissions Office home page to apply to MIT as an undergraduate. Since students select their majors during the spring term of their freshman year at MIT, all undergraduate applications are general. Information on choosing a major can be found at the First Year at MIT web site.

Looking for Information on the Graduate Program?

Our graduate program is world-renowned, with a focus on mastering the math and science, getting loads of hands-on experience, and learning the creative process.

A Love for Making and a Desire to Do Good

MechE culture is a style all its own, born from a passion for making, a hope for making the world a better place, and a desire to have fun all the while.

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Alumni Spotlight

Meg O’Neill
Meg O’Neill

Managing Director, ExxonMobil Norway

[ SB ’93, SM ’94 ]

Prakash Govindan
Prakash Govindan

Co-Founder and CEO, Gradiant

[ PhD '12 ]

Mark Kurz
Mark Kurz

Supporting the Covid-19 vaccine rollout with extra-strength glass

[ SM ’95 ]

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