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Concentration Information

Mechanical Engineering aims to prepare students to tackle some of the world’s most challenging engineering problems by leveraging computational tools and methods. This concentration allows students to learn about mechanical systems modeling combined with computing and numerical methods. This concentration considers the intersection between engineering and computational methods by applying artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computation to practical engineering problems. Students can learn techniques to represent complex engineering systems digitally, create and optimize computational models of real-world applications, and finally, learn to apply methods that can learn and make predictions about a system based on data, theory, and/or domain-specific rules. As with all 2-A concentrations, there is flexibility in designing your curriculum, and many upper-level classes from classes 2 and 6 may be counted in your concentration.

Concentration Class Suggestions

Recommended REST subjects:  6.00
Note: You may only include one introductory/REST subject in your concentration.  The following classes are introductory: 6.0001/6.00, 6.042 (REST)/18.200, 6.004 (REST), and 6.008.
Recommended Course 2 subjects
  • 2.004 Dynamics and Control II
  • 2.007 Design and Manufacturing I 
Suggested Concentration Subjects
  • 2.168 Learning Machines (GRAD) *
  • 2.791[J] Cellular Neurophysiology and Computing
  • 6.009 Fundamentals of Programming
  • 6.031 Software Construction
  • 6.033 Computer System Engineering
  • 6.034 Artificial Intelligence
  • 6.036 Introduction to Machine Learning
  • 6.046J Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  • 6.170 Software Studio
  • 6.883 Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence
  • 2.14 Analysis and Design of Feedback Control Systems
  • 2.151 Advanced System Dynamics and Control (GRAD)
  • 2.152[J] Nonlinear Control (GRAD)
  • 2.122 Stochastic Systems (GRAD) *
  • 2.29 Numerical Fluid Mechanics (GRAD) *
  • 18.05 Intro to Probability & Statistics -OR- 6.041A  Intro to Probability I + 6.041B  Intro to Probability II
  • 18.06 Linear Algebra
  • 18.075 Methods for Scientists and Engineers
  • 18.085 Computational Science and Engineering I
  • 18.086 Computational Science and Engineering II
  • 18.404 Theory of Computation

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Concentration Advisor

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Faez Ahmed

ABS career development assistant professor of mechanical engineering

Interest Areas

  1. Generative design
  2. Machine learning and optimization for engineering design
  3. Human-AI teams