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Engineering Management

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Engineering Management deals with the engineering relationships between the management tasks of planning, organization, leadership, control, and the human element in production, research, and service organizations; and it also deals with the stochastic nature of management systems. Engineering management involves the integration of management systems into different technological environments.

Engineering Management concentrations can be tricky to put together because there is a fine balance that must be struck between managerial and engineering classes.  Because of this challenge, the concentration advisor, Professor Chun, strongly recommends that students make an appointment with him so that he can suggest appropriate classes that align with the individual student’s interests. For more information on what counts as an engineering course, see the post on Engineering Units.

Concentration Class Suggestions

Students pursuing the Engineering Management concentration may also wish to consider a Minor in Management Science or a Minor in Management. (Recall that classes in your concentration may also be counted towards your minor).
Subjects chosen for an engineering management concentration should be consistent with the above description.  Commonly recommended engineering classes include:
Recommended REST Subject: 6.041: Probabilistic Systems Analysis
Recommended Concentration Subjects:
  • 2.96: Management in Engineering
  • 3.080: Economic and Environmental Materials Selection
  • 15.053: Optimization Methods in Management Science
  • 15.075: Statistical Thinking and Data Analysis
  • Most classes listed under “Operations Management” (15.760 – 15.799)
  • 15.871: Introduction to System Dynamics (GRAD)
  • 15.872: System Dynamics II (GRAD)
Other strongly recommended subjects with no (or reduced) engineering content:
  • 6.903J/15.628J: Patents, Copyrights, and the Law of Intellectual Property
  • 15.501: Corporate Financial Accounting — 9 engineering units
  • 15.616: Basic Businesses Law, Tilted Towards Strategy and Innovation (GRAD) — 3 engineering units
  • 15.812: Marketing Management — 3 engineering units

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Concentration Advisor

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Jung-Hoon Chun


Interest Areas

  1. Cu Chemical-Mechanical Polishing
  2. Continuous Manufacturing of Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms
  3. Effects of Technology Multiplier on Manufacturing