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The Entrepreneurship concentration has been designed to empower you with the knowledge, skills, resources, and connections you need to get your ideas off the ground, fully developed, and out to market in order to make a real-world, lasting impact. 
All of us at MIT have at least one thing in common: in some way or another, we all want to make a positive impact on the world. At some point during your time at MIT, it is likely that you will develop a brilliant solution to a real-world problem. That’s great, but what difference are you making if it stays in your lab or dorm room?
Students pursuing the Entrepreneurship concentration may also wish to consider a  Minor in Management Science or a Minor in Management. (Recall that classes in your concentration may also be counted towards your minor).

Concentration Class Suggestions

Recommended Concentration Subjects with full engineering content
  • 2.008 Design & Manufacturing II
  • MAS.863J How To Make (Almost) Anything (GRAD)
  • 2.96 Management in Engineering
  • 6.933 Entrepreneurship in Engineering: The Founder’s Journey
  • 2.Thu Undergraduate Thesis in Mechanical Engineering
  • 6.902 Engineering Innovation and Design (GEL)
Other strongly recommended subjects with no (or reduced) engineering content
  • 11.011 The Art and Science of Negotiation (no engineering units)
  • 15.501 Corporate Financial Accounting (9 engineering units)
  • 15.812 Marketing Management (3 engineering units)
  • 14.01 Microeconomics (no engineering units)
  • 14.02 Macroeconomics (no engineering units)
  • 15.615 Basic Business Law for the Entrepreneur and Manager (GRAD)
  • 15.390 New Enterprises, or 15.371 Innovation Teams (GRAD) (engineering units may vary depending on the project)
  • 6.903J/15.628J: Patents, Copyrights, and the Law of Intellectual Property
Other recommended activities include:
  • UPOP Undergraduate Practice Opportunities Program
  • GEL Gordon Engineering Leadership Program
  • Industry Internship/Externship experiences
  • Industry classes (e.g. 15.054 The Airline Industry)
  • Mentored Entrepreneurial Experience such as
  • 15.S24 Applications of Advanced Entrepreneurial Techniques

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Concentration Advisor

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Jung-Hoon Chun


Interest Areas

  1. Cu Chemical-Mechanical Polishing
  2. Continuous Manufacturing of Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms
  3. Effects of Technology Multiplier on Manufacturing