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Industrial Design

Concentration Information

This concentration focuses on the process of design applied to physical products to be mass-produced with mechanical engineering disciplinary background. The discipline involves many aspects that influence the design processes such as materials, production processes, business strategy, and prevailing social, commercial, or aesthetic attitudes.

Concentration Class Suggestions

Note that there are many excellent classes at MIT relevant to industrial design that do not necessarily include engineering content. 
  • 2.007 Design and Manufacturing I
  • 2.008 Design and Manufacturing II
  • 2.739  Product Design and Development (GRAD)
  • 2.744 Product Design (GRAD)
  • 2.72 Elements of Mechanical Design
  • 2.729: D-Lab Design for Scale
  • 4.031 Design Studio: Objects and Interaction
  • 4.051 The Human Factor in Design Innovation & Strategy
  • 4.500 Introduction to Design Computing
  • 6.813 User Interface Design and Implementation (prereq 6.005)
  • 16.400 Human Systems Engineering
  • 6.902 Engineering Innovation and Design (GEL)
  • MAS.865 How to Make (Almost) Anything (GRAD)
Suggested subjects with reduced or no engineering content (the number of engineering units listed below are estimates; the exact number will be determined in the context of the student’s complete program. If no units are indicated, in general no engineering credit will be awarded for that particular class.) Many of these classes may be taken as HASS classes or unrestricted electives and we suggest them as a complement to the recommended concentration classes.
  • 4.022 Design Studio: Introduction to Design Techniques and Technologies (9 units)
  • 4.032 Design Studio: Information and Visualization
  • 4.301 Introduction to Artistic Experimentation*
  • 4.302 Foundations in Art, Design and Spatial Practices
  • 4.322 Introduction to Three-Dimensional Art Work (HASS-A)*
  • 4.602 Modern Art and Mass Culture (HASS-A, CI-H
  • MAS.131 Computational Camera and Photography (6 engineering units)
  • 4.344 Advanced Photography and Related Media (HASS-A)*
  • 4.352 Advanced Video and Related Media (HASS-A)*
  • 4.520 Visual Computing I
  • MAS.110 Fundamentals of Computational Media Design (HASS-A, CI-H)*

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Concentration Advisor

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Warren Seering

Professor of Mechanical Engineering; Weber-Shaughness Professor

Interest Areas

  1. Design
  2. Product Development
  3. Machine Dynamics