Minoring in Mechanical Engineering

The requirements for a minor in mechanical engineering are as follows:
  • Students pursuing a minor in the department must complete a total of six 12-unit subjects drawn from the Course 2 or 2-OE degree programs.
  • Four of the six subjects must be from the Course 2 or 2-OE core curriculum (can include 18.03).
  • The last two subjects can either be from the core curriculum or can be an elective within Course 2.
  • The 6-unit subjects within the 2-A major do not qualify for the minor.

Note that subjects selected for the minor program may count toward General Institute Requirements and Departmental Program requirements in the major department. Subjects taken under the junior-senior P/D/F grading option cannot be used for a minor program. The ME Undergraduate Office (Rm. 1-110, x3-2305) is available to help students develop a minor program of study in mechanical engineering.

Students who wish to designate mechanical engineering as a minor should do so by completing the Minor Application Form by the end of the second year of registration – but no later than the Add Date of one full term preceding the one in which the S.B. degree is to be awarded. By the third week of the term in which they expect to receive the S.B. degree, students must submit the Minor Completion Form accompanied by a grade report or unofficial transcript to the ME Undergraduate Office.

Core subjects: 18.03, 2.001, 2.002, 2.003, 2.004, 2.005, 2.006, 2.007, 2.008, 2.009, 2.016, 2.017, 2.019, 2.086, 2.612, 2.671.

Electives: 2.050, 2.065, 2.092, 2.12, 2.14, 2.184, 2.370, 2.51, 2.60, 2.700, 2.71, 2.72, 2.793, 2.797, 2.813, 2.96. Other 12-unit Course 2 subjects may be included with permission.

Download minor forms here.