MechE ENGAGE is a guided peer mentorship program providing new graduate students with knowledge, support and networking to succeed during graduate study at MIT MechE, and beyond. 


Participants join eight weekly meetings in the fall with their “mentorship pod” consisting of a faculty mentor, 4-6 mentees, and two peer mentors with diverse perspectives and experience navigating MechE at MIT. Pods are assigned to maximize new contacts in the department and scheduling ease.  Conversation is loosely facilitated around common challenges in graduate school to spark conversation, collective problem solving and sharing of resources. Optional program wide-mixers and one-to-one meetings with peer mentors are offered throughout the year.


MechE ENGAGE has demonstrated efficacy in helping students gain confidence and knowledge about MIT and MechE. Students “hit the ground running” and have a broader understanding of what is required for graduate success, and what resources are available to support them at MIT. Students emerge with a broad, supportive network of faculty, staff, and students spanning multiple areas throughout MechE. 


Currently offered to incoming women and underrepresented minority graduate students, we look forward to being able to offer the program to all incoming graduate students in coming years. Newly enrolled students are contacted prior to arriving at MIT to register for the program.


Please contact with questions or to learn more about the program.