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Ahmed Ghoniem

Contact Info

room 3-344

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

77 Massachusetts Avenue

Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139


  • 1973


  • 1975


  • 1980



Research Interests

  • Computational methods in fluid-thermal sciences with focus on multiscale methods for turbulent combustion, transport and phase change in supercritical fluids, fluidization and dense multiphase flows
  • Fundamentals of combustion and thermochemistry in the gas phase and coupling with surface reactions
  • Clean combustion dynamics and active control on noise and instability
  • Energy conversion with focus on CO2 capture technologies such as gasification, oxy-combustion, membrane supported oxygen generation and chemical looping for syngas production, water splitting and CO2 reduction, high temperature fuel cells and renewable fuels production via thermochemical routes


Ahmed Ghoniem the Ronald C. Crane Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Director of the Center for Energy and Propulsion Research and the Reacting Gas Dynamics Laboratory at MIT. He received his B.Sc. and M.Sc. degree from Cairo University, and Ph.D. at the University of California, Berkeley. His research covers computational engineering with application to turbulence and combustion, multiphase flow and multiscale phenomena, clean energy technologies with focus on CO2 capture, renewable energy and alternative fuels. His research has made fundamental contributions to multiscale simulations, thermochemistry, combustion dynamics, energy systems and materials chemistry. He supervised more than 100 M.Sc., Ph.D. and post-doctoral students, many are leaders in academia, industry and governments; published more than 500 refereed articles in leading journals and conferences; lectured extensively around the World; and consulted for the aerospace, automotive and energy industry. He is fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineer (ASME), the American institute of Physics (APS), the Combustion Institute (CI), and associate fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA). He received several prestigious awards including the ASME James Harry Potter Award in Thermodynamics, the AIAA Propellant and Combustion Award, the KAUST Investigator Award and the Committed to “Committed to Caring Professor” at MIT.  He is currently the MIT PI of the Center of Excellence for Energy, a $30M effort to improve energy research, education and entrepreneurship in Egypt.

Online Data

Research Gate: ( 

Honors + Awards

  • 2018, Fellow, The Combustion Institute
  • 2016, Fellow, American Physical Society
  • 2016, AIAA Propellent and Combustion Award
  • 2015, ASME James Harry Pottor Gold Medal
  • 2008-2013, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) Investigator
  • 2006, Robert C. Crane (1972) Professor
  • 1999, Fellow, American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • 1990, AIAA, Associate Fellow
  • 1990, AIAA Certificate of Appreciation
  • 1987, SAE Teetor Educational Award
  • 1985, NASA Certificate of Recognition
  • 1985, Edgerton Professorship
  • 1984, N.S.F. Research Initiation Award
  • 1979, Pi Tau Sigma, Excellent Teaching Assistant (U.C. Berkeley)
  • 1968-1973, Ministry of Higher Education Scholarship (Egypt)


  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Fellow
  • American Physical Society, Fellow
  • The Combustion Institute, Fellow
  • American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), Associate Fellow
  • Socity of Automotive Engineers, Member.  

Professional Service

  • 2013, ETH Zurich, Evaluation Board         
  • 2013, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Visiting Professor     
  • 2011-present, Chair, Advisory Committee of the ARAMCO Research and Development Center         
  • 2008-present, Tecogen, Board of Directors         
  • 2008-2013, Member, IAB for Oxford Center for Collaborative Applied Mathematics         
  • 2007-2008,Technical Advisory Committee, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)        
  • 2000-2003, Member, Pittsburgh Supercomputer Center Advisory Board         
  • 2000, Advisory Board Member, National Energy Research Supercomputing Center         
  • 1997-present, NCSA Users Advisory Board         
  • 1993-1996, NSF Review Board on Supercomputer Allocation         
  • 1993-1994, DOE Review Panel on Energy Related Research         
  • 1992-1995, Associate Editor, Journal of Fluids Engineering         
  • 1990-1991, National Research Council Committee on Research Directions in Computational Mechanics        

MIT Service

  • 2014-present, Co-chair, Graduate Qualifying Exam Committee     
  • 2014-present, Member of the Advisory Board, Environmental Solutions Initiative at MIT
  • 2013-2014, Member, Faculty Search Committee                 
  • 2012, Member, Ocean Engineering Faculty Search Committee, ME         
  • 2012, Member of the ME Council         
  • 2011, Member, Strategic Planning Committee, ME Department         
  • 2011, Member, Faculty Search Committee              
  • 2011-2014, Member, Faculty Awards Committee         
  • 2010-present, Founding Executive Director, Center for Energy and Propulsion Research, ME         
  • 2010, Member, NSE Department Strategic Review Committee              
  • 2010-present, Mentoring Junior Faculty         
  • 2010-2011, Member, ME/OE Merger Review Committee         
  • 2009-2010, Member, ME Graduate Program Review Committee         
  • 2008-2010, Member, MIT Middle East Studies Working Group         
  • 2008-present, MIT-KFUPM Center for Clean Energy and Clean Water, Member of Executive Committee         
  • 2007-2010, Director, Center for 21st Century Energy         
  • 2006, Member, Energy Research Council, Education Subcommittee     
  • 2005-2010, Head, Energy Science and Engineering Division, ME             
  • 2005-2007, Co-Director, Center for 21st Century Energy         
  • 2005-2006, Chair, Energy Search Committee         
  • 2004-2005, Chair of Committee, School of Engineering ME-OE Merger Planning         
  • 2001-1004, Member, Department Admissions Committee         
  • 2000-2002, Chair, Committee on Curricula         
  • 1999-2000, Member, Committee on Curricula     
  • 1996-2001, Head, Thermo Fluids Sciences Division     
  • 1994-1995, Member, Ad hoc Committee on the Core Development         
  • 1994-1995, Member, Space Committee         
  • 1994, Chair, Search Committee         
  • 1992-1995, Admissions Committee     
  • 1991-1992, Member, Ad hoc Committee on Promotion         
  • 1991-1992, Member, Committee to Establish PEEER         
  • 1990-1994, SAL Seminar Series         
  • 1987-1988, Admission Committee         
  • 1985-1986, Seminar Chairman         
  • 1985-1990, Mathematics Minor Advisor         
  • 1984-1987, Department Graduate Committee         
  • 1983-present, Department of Mechanical Engineering,Undergraduate Faculty Advisor     
  • 1983-present, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Graduate Advisor


  • Fundamentals of Advanced Energy Conversion (2.60/2.62j)
  • Fundamentals and Applications of Combustion (2.28)
  • Thermal-Fluids Engineering (2.005 and 2.006)


  • Energy Conversion Engineering Towards Low CO2 Power and Fuels (2021)
  • Selected publications (2012-2015): see Reacting Gas Dynamics website and my CV for most updated list.
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