Izzy Lloyd

MIT senior Isabel “Izzy” Lloyd will graduate this spring with not only a degree in mechanical engineering, but with the pleasure of knowing she accomplished a goal she set for herself as a freshman: to impact those around her in a truly positive way.

Lloyd has worn many hats during her MIT career — from captivating audiences with her a cappella group The Chorallaries, to helping Parkinson’s patients with a device that helps manage tremors, to spreading a simple message of compassion and kindness by spearheading the TMYAD (“Tell Me About Your Day”) campaign. To Lloyd, the MIT experience is as rich in its human interactions and encounters as it is in discoveries in the realms of engineering and technology.

“No question, you come here, you’re going to have great times, you’re going to have bad times,” she says. “But through it all, this community’s got you. And if you don’t believe that, I’m sitting here, right now telling you that I’ve got you… It’s going to be OK.”

Submitted by: Carolyn Blais | Video by: Lillie Paquette | 4 min, 58 sec