Ravi Patil

Ravi Patil ’93, SM ’95 has 20 years of experience in information technology, but his day job as director of cybersecurity product management and strategy at Broadcom rarely calls for interviewing others and sharing their personal stories―which is a type of storytelling he enjoys.

That’s why last fall he started a podcast: Institrve: True Stories About MIT; a Trove of Wonder, Discovery, and Madness (Institrve is pronounced insti-true). “I’ve taken up the challenge of appealing to human emotions through storytelling and hopefully inspiring the audience in some way,” he says. “This is a passion project.”

LISTEN HERE - Slice of MIT Podcast Presents: Institrve 

As an alumnus with deep and continuing connections to MIT―he has served as a club president, on a reunion committee, and is currently an educational counselor—Patil was drawn to sharing stories from the MIT community on his podcast. To date, his interview subjects have included a Holocaust survivor and a real-life Will Hunting.

“When you think of MIT, you immediately think of science and technology. I want to dive into the human stories behind those humans who are driving those innovations,” he says.

Listen to this episode of the Slice of MIT podcast to hear Patil interview Curtis Blaine ’67, the founder and CEO of Math Tutor, who was the educational counselor who interviewed Patil when he first applied to MIT. 


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