Mechanical Engineering has established the following internal deadlines to have sufficient time to review the sponsor's guidelines, develop accurate budgets, prepare institutional documents, and ensure a fully compliant application:

8 business days before the sponsor deadline (ME 8-day rule):

  • PI should submit all non-technical documents in final form to RAS. Non-technical documents include but are not limited to budgets, budget justification, biosketches, facilities, equipment, and collaborators & other affiliates.
  • Please use calculator below to determine exact date all non-technical documents are due to RAS.

5 business days before the sponsor deadline (OSP 5-day rule):

  • Proposals must be received in complete and final form to OSP.  This includes all technical and non-technical documents.

Eight-Day Calculator

This tool has been developed to help determine when a proposal is due to MechE RAS.

Proposal Due Date: Pick a date
Date Due to MechE RAS: