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Concentration Information

The advanced manufacturing concentration is for those interested in how advanced manufacturing and product realization work in the modern world.  This includes how processes, automation, systems, and design all interact to create the responsive production systems that world-class companies possess.   It is also a great way to prepare for entry into the ME Master of Engineering in Manufacturing degree program.  It is a broad concentration that includes design, controls, and systems, as well as processes and management.   This concentration would complement a Management minor focused on operation management.

Concentration Class Suggestions

Recommended Course 2 Subjects
  • 2.002 Mechanics and Materials II
  • 2.004 Dynamics and Control II
  • 2.008 Design and Manufacturing II (STRONGLY RECOMMENDED)
Suggested Concentration Subjects
  • 2.14 Analysis and Design of Feedback Control Systems
  • 2.12 Intro to Robotics
  • 2.72 Machine Design
  • 2.750 Precision Machine Design
  • 2.830 Manufacturing Process Control (GRAD)
  • 2.853 Introduction to Manufacturing Systems
  • 2.96 Management for Engineers
  • 2.888 Professional Seminar in Global Manufacturing Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • 2.370 Fundamentals of Nanoengineering
  • 2.813 Energy, Materials and Manufacturing
  • 6.152J Micro/Nano Processing Technology
  • 15.075J Statistical Thinking and Data Analysis
  • 15.053 Optimization Methods in Management Science
  • 15.668 People and Organizations (no engineering units)
  • 15.724[J] Manufacturing System and Supply Chain Design (GRAD)

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Concentration Advisor

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Jung-Hoon Chun


Interest Areas

  1. Cu Chemical-Mechanical Polishing
  2. Continuous Manufacturing of Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms
  3. Effects of Technology Multiplier on Manufacturing