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Product Development

Concentration Information

The mission of this concentration is to prepare future leaders in engineering of new products. The PD concentration includes many subjects from the school of management and is a good option for students interested in management careers or entrepreneurship. Major areas covered by the PD concentration include design, manufacturing, economics, marketing, organizational behavior, accounting, and intellectual property law. Further, the PD concentration curriculum is structured such that it is complementary to the Management minor offered by the Sloan School.
Students are encouraged to take 14.01: Principles of Microeconomics early in their career.  Since it is not an upper level course (and is a HASS), it cannot be counted in the concentration; however, it is a prerequisite for other subjects essential to product development.

Concentration Class Suggestions

Recommended Course 2 Subjects
  • 2.002: Mechanics and Materials II – counts as 2.02A + 6 units in your concentration
Suggested Concentration Subjects
  • 15.301: Managerial Psychology Laboratory (which satisfies the institute lab requirement)
  • 15.812: Marketing Management (3 engineering units)
  • 15.501: Corporate Financial Accounting (9 engineering units)
  • 15.053: Optimization Methods in Management Science
  • 15.075: Statistical Thinking and Data Analysis
  • 2.008: Design and Manufacturing II
  • 2.72: Elements of Mechanical Design
  • 2.739J: Product Design and Development (GRAD)
  • 2.744: Product Design (GRAD)
  • 6.071: Electronics, Signals and Measurement
  • 6.041: Probabilistic Systems Analysis
  • 6.903J/15.628J: Patents, Copyrights, and the Law of Intellectual Property
In addition, students who are interested in designing electro-mechanical systems are encouraged to take classes in course 6 (e.g. 6.002). PD track students are encouraged to intern with design or manufacturing companies during the summer of their sophomore or junior years.

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Concentration Advisor

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Warren Seering

Professor of Mechanical Engineering; Weber-Shaughness Professor

Interest Areas

  1. Design
  2. Product Development
  3. Machine Dynamics