MIT Mechanical Engineering 2020 Staff Awards

On July 1, 2020, MIT’s Department of Mechanical Engineering celebrated the many talented staff members who have gone above and beyond in making sure MIT MechE continues to execute its educational and research mission - even under extraordinary circumstances.

The following awards were given at a special remote awards ceremony:

Joseph (Tiny) Caloggero Service Award
This award is given annually to a member or members of the support staff for outstanding service to the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

    •    Shibani Joshi, Administrative Assistant III

H. Sharon Trohon Award
This award is given every two years to a member or members of the administrative staff for administrative excellence.

    •    Dan Herrick, Environment, Health and Safety Coordinator
    •    Mary Beth Gallagher, Communications Officer

MechE COVID-19 Hero Awards
These awards are to recognize the extraordinary efforts of teaching, administrative, and support staff members in the department whose ongoing efforts during the COVID-19 crisis have enabled new capabilities and made the transition easier for MechE colleagues, work groups, and overall community.

    •    Steve Banzaert, Technical Instructor
    •    Sara Bonner, Program Administrator
    •    Harrison Chin, Lecturer
    •    Anna Churchill, Human Resources Administrator
    •    Sarah Collins, Administrative Assistant II
    •    Benita Comeau, Lecturer 
    •    Harris Crist, Webmaster
    •    Adam Eisenstein, Computer Support Assistant
    •    Mary Beth Gallagher, Communications Officer
    •    Tom Graffeo, Facilities Coordinator
    •    Dan Herrick, Environment, Health and Safety Coordinator
    •    John Liu, Lecturer
    •    Lisa Mayer, Administrative Assistant II
    •    Janice McCarthy, Administrative Assistant II
    •    Peter Pflanz, IT Manager
    •    Tony Pulsone, Administrative Assistant II
    •    Josh Ramos, Lecturer
    •    Norlan Sierra, IT Support Engineer
    •    Tasker Smith, Technical Instructor
    •    Janak Thapa, Technical Associate II
    •    Theresa Werth, Program Manager