New Faculty

We are pleased to introduce two new faculty members to the Department, Lieutenant Commander Jerod Ketcham and Assistant Professor Alexie Kolpak.


Alexie Kolpak Alexie Kolpak, Assistant Professor

Professor Alexie Kolpak graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, where she earned a BA in biochemistry, an MS in chemistry, and a PhD in physical chemistry. She worked as a postdoctoral associate in the Department of Applied Physics at Yale University, and then in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering here at MIT.

Dr. Kolpak’s research employs atomic and electronic structure modeling techniques such as density functional theory (DFT) to elucidate fundamental chemical and physical principles of surface and interfacial phenomena. Her research is interdisciplinary in nature and includes collaborations with experimentalists aimed at the engineering of interfacial structures for a variety of applications, including renewable energy, novel electronics technologies, and integrated nanoscale medical devices.

Jerod W. Ketcham Jerod W. Ketcham, Associate Professor of the Practice

Lieutenant Commander (LCDR) Jerod Ketcham earned a BS in mechanical engineering from Wichita State University, an MS in materials science and engineering from MIT, and a Naval Engineer’s degree from MIT. He has served in the US Navy for 15 years, most recently working in the OHIO Replacement Program Office at the Naval Sea Systems Command.

Ketcham is an expert in designing, building, overhauling, and operating submarines, having been involved in several submarine projects. He has extensive experience in naval architecture and systems engineering. He is also a registered Professional Engineer for Naval Architecture in Massachusetts.