Student Awards




Alfred A. H. Keil Ocean Engineering Development Award (For Excellence in Broad-Based Research in Ocean Engineering)
Jacqueline Sly, Grace Young

AMP Inc. Award (Outstanding Performance in Course 2.002)
Sean Cockey, Steven Obiajulu

Beaverworks Award (Outstanding Contribution to 2.013 and 2.014)
Jean Sack

Carl G. Sontheimer Prize (Creativity and Innovation in Design)
Katy Gero

Department Service Award (Outstanding Service to the Department of Mechanical Engineering)
Edward Burnell, Herbert Dee, Eric Del Castillo, Fernando Nunez, Guangtao Zhang

Ernest Cravalho Award (Outstanding Performance in Thermal Fluids Engineering)
Wai Hong Chan, Guangtao Zhang

John C. and Elizabeth J. Chato Award (Excellence in Bioengineering)
Jiahui Liang, Shuo Wang

Lauren Tsai Memorial Award (Academic Excellence by a Graduating Senior)
Lauren Kuntz

Lockheed Martin Prize (Outstanding Sophomore in Mechanical and Systems Engineering)
Sterling Watson

Louis N. Tuomala Award (Outstanding Performance in Thermal Fluids Engineering)
Bruce Arensen, Jordan Mizerak

Luis de Florez Award, First Place Winners (Outstanding Ingenuity and Creativity)
Kameron Chan, Jaguar Kristeller

Park Award (Outstanding Performance in Manufacturing)
Angela Chu, Sean Cockey

Peter Griffith Prize (Outstanding Experimental Project)
Bethany Lemanski

Robert Bruce Wallace Academic Prize
Lucille Hosford

Society of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Award (For an Outstanding Undergraduate Student in the Marine Field)
Sarah Brennan

Whitelaw Prize (Originality in 2.007 Design and Contest)
Brian Alvarez, David Flamholz, Xiaoyi Ren

Wunsch Foundation Silent Hoist and Crane Awards
Rebecca Colby, Kirsten Lim




Abkowitz Award
Maha Haji, Matthieu Leclair, George Papadopoulos, Anna Wargula

Clement F. Burnap Award (Outstanding Masters of Science in the Marine Field)
Brian Heberley

Luis de Florez Award, First Place Winners (Outstanding Ingenuity and Creativity)
Anirban Mazumdar, Federico Parietti

Meredith Kamm Memorial Award (Excellence in a Woman Graduate Student)
Ambika Goel Bajpayee, Jean Chang

Rabinowicz Tribology Award (Outstanding Graduate or Undergraduate Research in Tribology)
Sanha Kim

Thomas Sheridan Prize (Creativity in Man-Machine Integration)
Yashraj Narang

Wunsch Foundation Silent Hoist and Crane Awards
Darya Amin-Shahidi, Cristina Botero, Bryce Campbell, Hyungryul Choi, Christopher Dimitriou, Tian Gan, Jeong-gil Kim, Tapovan Lolla, Nenad Miljkovic, Kyoo-Chul Park, Adam Paxson, Adam Wahab, Zhenlong Zhao

ODGE Graduate Women of Excellence Honorees and Groups
Ambika Goel Bajpayee, Yi (Ellen) Chen, and Maria Telleria; Mechanical Engineering Graduate Association of Women (MEGA Women)

2013 Tau Beta Pi Inductees
Elizabeth (Evie) Adams
Jackson Crane
Eric Del Castillo
Lucy Du
Camille Everhart
Katie Inman
Ryan Madson
Jillian Oliveira
Manuel Romero
Grace Young

2013 Phi Beta Kappa Inductees
Sara Comis
Katy Gero
Laura Gilson
Monica Isava