The MechE Alliance Careers (MAC) program facilitates and enhances recruitment out of MIT's Department of Mechanical Engineering. MAC helps prepare the next generation of mechanical engineers for careers in industry by enhancing knowledge of the variety of opportunities for mechanical engineering graduates and facilitating the connections to key industries and employers.

Program Activities

To achieve our mission, the MAC program will facilitate the following activities:

MechE - Industry Workshop – Fall Annually

The MechE - Industry Workshop will be a time for all of our partner companies to come together on campus annually for a recruitment focused workshop. A series of panels and activities will allow members to showcase their companies’ technical ambitions and recruitment priorities. This will be followed by structured networking for interested students and company representatives to meet.

Company Visits

Company collaborators will work with the MechE Alliance Program Manager to develop a customized visit to the department once per year of membership. This is an opportunity for partner companies to show their company’s unique opportunities and technical ambitions as well as meet with students interested in their industry. We strongly encourage hands-on trainings, technical talks on how your industry applies concepts students are learning in their course work, and other suggestions that bring information and inspiration to our students.

MechE Alliance Jobs List

MAC members can ensure top mechanical engineering students know about job opportunities through posting on the MechE Alliance Jobs List. Links to active job openings will be added to the landing page and sent in a weekly digest to MIT MechE students.

Benefits to Companies

The MAC provides participating companies with unique recruitment opportunities and increased visibility within the student population at MIT’s Department of Mechanical Engineering (MIT MechE) - giving your company access to the best and brightest mechanical engineering students.

MAC companies will work alongside MIT MechE to equip undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral students with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in industry and other careers.

Annual Core Membership Includes:

  • Participation in the MechE - Industry Workshop
  • One on-campus “Tech Talk” or industry seminar per year of membership.
  • Unlimited job postings in the weekly MechE Alliance Jobs List.
  • Logo and company contact listed on the MechE Alliance website.
  • Invitations to other department events.
  • Companies interested in joining the MechE Alliance Careers program should contact Theresa Werth, Program Manager at theresaw@mit.edu for more information. We are committed to educating our students about companies and industries of all sizes and scopes. We will work with startups and small companies (under 20 people) to identify a participation level that works for your needs and budget.