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MechE Alliance


The MechE Alliance taps into the MIT Department of Mechanical Engineering’s diverse and distinguished community to foster meaningful relationships between students, alumni, and industry partners. We connect members of the MechE community to support student career development, encourage alumni engagement such as mentoring, and develop industrial collaborations for education and research.

Careers and Recruitment

Summer 2021 Career Development Opportunities

The MechE Alliance has partnered with the MechE Communications Lab and Career Advising and Professional Development to offer a series of career development opportunities for students and postdocs during summer 2021.  

Join us to learn about advanced tips for LinkedIn, preparing for your academic job search, portfolio development, how to be a good mentor, and publishing and working with journal editors.

Industry Partnerships

The MechE Alliance works with industry and other external partners on collaborations that further MIT's educational and resaerch mission.

Data Science in Manufacturing Projects

Work closely with a group of graduate students on near-term problems and opportunities. These 9-12 month industry projects are the capstone projects of the Masters of Engineering in Advanced Manufacturing & Design (MEng) degree. Student groups work under the supervision of a faculty member and in collaboration with relevant employees at your company. These teams have the unique advantage of bringing current knowledge from the classroom and insights from researchers to combine with knowledge of the company to create significant value for our industry partners.

Topic areas include: Simulation, modelling, and data analytics and machine learning in mechanical engineering in design, machines, analysis, and systems.  

Other Avenues for Engagement

If you have an idea of a project or initiative, the MechE Alliance can work with you to explore other avenues of engagement such as undergraduate experiential learning opportunities, industry white papers, graduate student "Industry Immersion Projects" and sponsored research. Follow the link below to learn more about these options and how to connect.

MechE Alliance Seminar Series

The MechE Alliance sponsors a weekly seminar series featuring MIT MechE students, post-docs, faculty, alumni and external partners.

Contact Information

Brian Anthony, Program Faculty Lead,

Dr. Brian Anthony is a Senior Research Scientist in MIT's Department of Mechanical Engineering. He bring many years of experience in industrial collaborations through his roles as the Director for MechE's Master of Engineering in Advanced Manufacturing and Design (MEng) and Assistant Director of MIT Nano. Contact Brian to discuss our industry programs!

Theresa Werth, Program Manager,

Theresa Werth has been with MIT's department of Mechanical Engineering since 2012 working on projects such as lab support, international program administration, outreach programs for diversity and more. With the MechE Alliance, she manages our career development and recruitment initiatives. She also leads alumni engagement in MechE for student mentorship and participation in departmental events. Contact Theresa to discuss recruiting in MechE and alumni engagement!


A founding principle of the MechE Alliance is that our alumni and industry partners have so much more to offer than just financial support. Your engagement in the above activities is critical to our mission to create a thriving MechE community with our alumni, students, and industry. Of course, these activities require funding and your financial support is also appreciated if it is within your means.