MechE Alliance Partnerships

The MechE Alliance works with industry and other external partners on collaborations that further MIT's educational and research mission. We are actively seeking companies for our "Data Science in Manufacturing Projects" program which matches groups of masters' students with industry partners to help solve near-term challenges and opportunities. If this does not meet your particular interest or need, there are many other ways to engage!

Data Science in Manufacturing Projects

Work closely with a group of graduate students on near-term problems and opportunities. These 9-12 month industry projects are the capstone projects of the Masters of Engineering in Advanced Manufacturing & Design (MEng) degree. Student groups work under the supervision of a faculty member and in collaboration with relevant employees at your company. These teams have the unique advantage of bringing current knowledge from the classroom and insights from researchers to combine with knowledge of the company to create significant value for our industry partners.

Topic areas include: Simulation, modelling, and data analytics and machine learning in mechanical engineering in design, machines, analysis, and systems.

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Undergraduate Experiential Learning Opportunities

Support a small group of undergraduate students to research an open learning question relevant to your organization. Connect with students through mentoring the project.

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Industry White Papers

In collaboration with MIT researchers, co-author a white paper on the current state/future of technology in an area aligned with your future business directions.

Graduate Student Industry Immersion Projects

Engage a graduate student, with advising froma faculty mentor, to complete an internship-like summer project at your company.

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Sponsored Resaerch

Collaborate closely with a MechE faculty member and at least one graduate student by supporting a long term, campus research activity.


Looking to recruit well rounded engineers with a passion for physical systems and hands-on skills? Reach out to schedule a recruitment talk in MechE (limited availability).

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Please contact Dr. Brian Anthony, Faculty Lead for Industry Partnerships at the MechE Alliance at to discuss how your organization can get involved.