The Industry Immersion Projects (I2P) program is a flagship MechE Alliance program that provides current MIT MechE graduate students with a unique opportunity to participate in a short-to-medium term industry project. The I2P Program sustains connections between educators in academia and practitioners in industry while giving students invaluable experiencing tackling a project in industry.

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The I2P Program provides graduate students an opportunity to work on a 3-to-6 month project with one of our participating industry partners. Each project will have both a company supervisor and an academic supervisor from MIT’s Department of Mechanical Engineering. The I2P Program Faculty Director and other academic supervisors work with companies in designing projects that are beneficial to both the company and students.

Student Benefits

Students get real-world experience working for a company on a project that complements their academic experience. Projects are designed to prepare them for meaningful careers and provide them with an opportunity to engage with industry before graduation. The student remains enrolled at MIT during the industry project.

Through the I2P Program, students will develop skills that will be essential in their careers. The program is also set-up to encourage potential recruitment of students at participating companies.

Student feedback about their summer 2019 I2P experiences:

“By working on this project, I learned about a variety of instruments and metrics that can be used to quantify visual surface finish parameters.” – Sara Nagelberg, 3M I2P participant

“I learned not only valuable information from working with other professionals, but also the skills and approaches to asking more effective questions for research-oriented work.” - Katie Hahm, Amazon Robotics I2P participant

“I enjoyed being part of a very resourceful and talented R&D team. I hope to take back these real-world insights and technical learnings and put them to practice in my PhD work.” - Sai Nithin Reddy Kantareddy, Amazon Robotics I2P participant

“Through this internship, I was able to learn a lot about aircraft dynamics, aeroelasticity and the process of performing system identification on an aircraft,” - Abhishek Patkar - Systems Technology Inc. I2P participant

Students with questions about the program can contact the I2P team at meche.iip.admin@mit.edu.

Company Benefits

Participating I2P companies benefit from an MIT graduate student working on a goal oriented, short-to-medium term project. All intellectual property generated from the project will remain at the company. The I2P Program facilitates early identification and vetting of potential future employees.

Additionally, companies will have various recruiting and networking opportunities within the broader mechanical engineering community at MIT. The I2P Program will also foster connections and collaborations between industry and MIT MechE faculty and research staff.

Companies interested in participating in the I2P Program should contact:
Brian Anthony
Principal Research Scientist and I2P Program Faculty Director

Upcoming Projects

In a given academic year, I2P projects are offered if available based on current interest by industry. Available projects will be listed here and shared with the MechE graduate students via email.