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Kenneth Kamrin

Contact Info

room 1-310

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

77 Massachusetts Avenue

Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139


  • 2003


  • 2008



Research Interests

Constitutive modeling
Solid mechanics
Fluid mechanics
Computational mechanics
Analytical methods in engineering

Honors + Awards

  • 2022, MacVicar Faculty Fellow 
  • 2016, JAM Award, ASME Applied Mechanics Division
  • 2016, Ruth and Joel Spira Teaching Award, MIT School of Engineering
  • 2015, Eshelby Mechanics Award for Young Faculty
  • 2012, NSF CAREER Award
  • 2011, Class of 1956 Career Development Chair
  • 2010, Nicholas Metropolis Award, APS


  • American Physical Society
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • Society of Engineering Sciences
  • Society of Rheology

Professional Service

  • 2019-present, Board of Directors, Society of Engineering Science
  • 2013-present, Associate Editor, Computational Particle Mechanics
  • 2014, Co-Organizer, International Conference on Modeling Granular Media Across Scales
  • 2013-2016, Co-Organizer, SES Symposium on Multiscale Mechanics of Particulate Media
  • 2011-2016, Co-Organizer, APS Focus Session on Continuum Descriptions of Discrete Media
  • 2010-2016, Co-Organizer, New England Workshop on the Mechanics of Materials and Structures
  • 2012, Topic Organizer, Amorphous Solids, ASME IMECE
  • 2011, Co-Organizer, 9th Northeastern Granular Materials Workshop

MIT Service

  • 2014-present, Mechanics Curriculum Committee
  • 2013-present, UROP Coordinator for Course 2
  • 2011-present, Co-Organizer,  MMEC Seminar Series
  • 2011-present, Graduate Admissions
  • 2011, 2A Core Curriculum Study Group


  • Mechanics and Materials I (2.001)
  • Mechanics and Materials II (2.002)


  • B. Valkov, C. H. Rycroft, and K. Kamrin, "Eulerian Method for Multiphase Interactions of Soft Solid Bodies in Fluids," ASME Journal of Applied Mechanics, In Press
  • K. Kamrin and D. Henann, "Nonlocal Modeling of Granular Flows Down Inclines," Soft Matter, 11, 179-185 (2015)
  • K. Kamrin and E. Bouchbinder, "Two-Temperature Continuum Thermomechanics of Deforming Amorphous Solids," Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, 73, 269-288 (2014)
  • K. Kamrin and J. D. Goddard, "Symmetry Relations in Viscoplastic Drag Laws," Proceedings of the Royal Society A, 470:2172, 20140434 (2014)     
  • D. Henann and K. Kamrin, "Continuum Modeling of Secondary Rheology in Dense Granular Materials," Physical Review Letters, 113, 178001 (2014)
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  • D. Henann and K. Kamrin , "A Predictive, Size-Dependent Continuum Model for Dense Granular Flows", Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 110:17, 6730-6735 (2013)
  • P. Six and K. Kamrin, “Some Exact Properties of the Effective Slip Over Surfaces with Hydrophobic Patternings”, Physics of Fluids [letter], 25, 021703 (2013)
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  • K. Kamrin and G. Koval, “Nonlocal Constitutive Relation for Steady Granular Flow”, Physical Review Letters 108, 178301, (2012).    
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