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Nicolas Hadjiconstantinou

Contact Info

room 3-364

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

77 Massachusetts Avenue

Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139


  • 1993


    B.A. + M.A. (Engineering)
  • 1995


    M.Sc. (Mechanical Engineering)
  • 1998


    M.Sc. (Physics)
  • 1998


    Ph.D. (Mechanical Engineering)

Research Interests

  • Nanoscale Transport
  • Kinetic Theory
  • Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer Physics
  • Computational Methods
  • Molecular Simulation
  • Monte Carlo Methods
  • Multiscale Simulation Methods

Honors + Awards

  • Gustus L. Larson Award, ASME 2012
  • ASME Fellow 2011
  • Best Poster Award, MIT Energy Conference 2011
  • Rockwell International Career Development Chair 2001–2004
  • Associate Fellow, Singapore-MIT Alliance 2001-2003
  • Lawrence Livermore Fellow 1998
  • St. John's College Postgraduate Scholarship, Cambridge University 1993
  • King's College Postgraduate Scholarship, Cambridge University 1993
  • Ricardo Prize in Thermodynamics, Cambridge University 1993
  • Philip Haycock Prize in Engineering, Robinson College, Cambridge University 1991


  • American Physical Society
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Professional Service

  • Associate Editor, Physical Review Fluids, 2016-2023
  • Vice Chair, APS Frenkiel Award committee 2009–2011
  • Associate Editor, Physics of Fluids 2006–2015
  • Board of Editors, Mathematical Modeling and Numerical Analysis 2006–2012

MIT Service

  • Co-Director, Standalone PhD Program in Computational Science and Engineering, Schwarzman College of Computing, MIT 2023–present
  • Co-Director, Center for Computational Science & Engineering, Schwarzman College of Computing, MIT 2020-present
  • Co-Director, SM Program in Computational Science and Engineering, Schwarzman College of Computing, MIT 2020–present
  • Co-Director, Interdisciplinary PhD Program in Computational Science and Engineering, MIT 2013–present
  • Co-Director, Center for Computational Engineering, MIT 2018–2020
  • Graduate Officer, Department of Mechanical Engineering, MIT 2018–present
  • MMEC Area Head, Department of Mechanical Engineering, MIT 2013–2020
  • Chair, Committee on Graduate Programs, MIT 2013–2015
  • Chair, Task Force on Improving Graduate Admissions, MIT Spring 2011
  • Co-Director, SM Program in Computation for Design and Optimization, MIT 2010–2020
  • Chair, ME Graduate Admissions Committee, 2006-2009, 2011-2012


  • Fundamentals of Nanoengineering (G/U) (2.37/2.370)
  • Numerical Computation for Mechanical Engineers (U) (2.086)
  • Dynamics (G) (2.032)
  • Dynamics (U) (2.003)


  • Representative Publications:
  • Hadjiconstantinou, N.G. and A.T. Patera, “Heterogeneous Atomistic-Continuum Representations for Dense Fluid Systems,” International Journal of Modern Physics C, 8, 967-976, 1997.pdf reprint
  • Hadjiconstantinou, N.G., “Hybrid Atomistic-Continuum Formulations and the Moving Contact-Line Problem,” Journal of Computational Physics, 154, 245-265, 1999.pdf reprint
  • Hadjiconstantinou,  N.G.,  “Analysis  of  Discretization  in  the  Direct  Simulation  Monte  Carlo,” Physics of Fluids, 12, 2634-2638, 2000.pdf reprint
  • Hadjiconstantinou, N.G. and O. Simek, “Constant-Wall-Temperature Nusselt Number in Micro and Nano Channels,” Special issue of the Journal of Heat Transfer on Nanoscale Heat Transfer, 124, 356-364, 2002.pdf reprint
  • Hadjiconstantinou, N.G., “Sound Wave Propagation in Transition-regime Micro and Nano Channels,” Physics of Fluids, 14, 802-809, 2002.pdf reprint
  • Hadjiconstantinou, N.G., “Dissipation in Small Scale Gaseous Flows,” Journal of Heat Transfer, 125, 944-947, 2003.
  • Hadjiconstantinou,  N.G.,  A.L.  Garcia,  M.Z.  Bazant  and  G.  He,  “Statistical  Error  in  Particle Simulations of Hydrodynamic Phenomena,” Journal of Computational Physics, 187, 274-297, 2003.pdf reprint
  • Hadjiconstantinou, N.G., “Comment on Cercignani’s Second-Order Slip Coefficient,” Physics of Fluids, 15, 2352-2354, 2003.pdf reprint
  • Kadau, K., T.C. Germann, N.G. Hadjiconstantinou, P.S. Lomdahl, G. Dimonte, B.L. Holian and B.J. Alder, “Nanohydrodynamics Simulations:   An Atomistic View of the Rayleigh-Taylor Instability,” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 101, 5851-5855, 2004.
  • Wijesinghe, H.S., R. Hornung, A.L. Garcia and N.G. Hadjiconstantinou, “Three-Dimensional Hybrid Continuum-Atomistic Simulations for Multiscale Hydrodynamics,” Journal of Fluids Engineering, 126, 768-777, 2004.pdf reprint
  • Hadjiconstantinou, N.G. and H.A. Al-Mohssen, “A Linearized Kinetic Formulation Including a Second-Order Slip Model for an Impulsive Start Problem at Arbitrary Knudsen Numbers,” Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 533, 47-56, 2005.pdf reprint
  • Baker, L.L. and N.G. Hadjiconstantinou, “Variance Reduction for Monte Carlo Solutions of the Boltzmann Equation,” Physics of Fluids, 17, 051703, 2005.pdf reprint
  • Hadjiconstantinou, N.G., “Oscillatory Shear-Driven Gas Flows in the Transition and Free- Molecular-Flow Regimes,” Physics of Fluids, 17, 100611, 2005.pdf reprint
  • Hadjiconstantinou, N.G., “The Limits of Navier-Stokes Theory and Kinetic Extensions for Describing Small Scale Gaseous Hydrodynamics,” Physics of Fluids, 18, 111301, 2006.pdf reprint
  • Homolle, T.M.M. and N.G. Hadjiconstantinou, “A Low-variance Deviational Simulation Monte Carlo for the Boltzmann Equation,” Journal of Computational Physics, 226, 2341-2358, 2007.pdf reprint
  • Manela, A. and N.G. Hadjiconstantinou, “On the Motion Induced in a Gas Confined in a Small- scale Gap Due to Instantaneous Heating,” Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 593, 453-462, 2007.pdf reprint
  • Manela, A. and N.G. Hadjiconstantinou, “Gas Motion Induced by Unsteady Boundary Heating in a Small-scale Slab,” Physics of Fluids, 20, 117104, 2008.pdf reprint
  • Radtke, G.A. and   N.G.  Hadjiconstantinou,   “Variance-reduced Particle Simulation of the Boltzmann Transport Equation in the Relaxation-time Approximation,” Physical Review E, 79, 056711, 2009.pdf reprint
  • Li, Z.R., G.R. Liu, J. Han, Y.Z. Chen, J-S. Wang, and N.G. Hadjiconstantinou, “Analytical Description of Ogston-regime Biomolecule Separation using Nanofilters and Nanopores,” Physical Review E, 80, 041911, 2009.pdf reprint
  • Al-Mohssen H.A. and N.G. Hadjiconstantinou, “Low-variance Direct Monte Carlo Simulations using Weights,” Mathematical Modeling and Numerical Analysis, 44, 1069-1083, 2010.pdf reprint
  • Hadjiconstantinou, N.G., Radtke, G.A. and L.L. Baker, “On Variance Reduced Simulations of the Boltzmann Transport Equation for Small-scale Heat Transfer Applications,” Journal of Heat Transfer, 132, 112401, 2010.pdf reprint
  • Radtke, G.A., N.G. Hadjiconstantinou, and W. Wagner, “Low-Noise Monte Carlo Simulation of the Variable Hard-Sphere Gas,” Physics of Fluids, 23, 030606, 2011.pdf reprint
  • Peraud, J-P.M. and N. G. Hadjiconstantinou, “Efficient Simulation of Multidimensional Phonon Transport Using Energy-based Variance-reduced Monte Carlo Formulations,”  Physical Review B, 84, 205331, 2011.pdf reprint
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  • Sun, C., M.H.S. Boutilier, H. Au, P. Poesio, B. Bai, R. Karnik and N.G. Hadjiconstantinou, “Mechanisms of Molecular Permeation through Nanoporous Graphene Membranes,” Langmuir, 30, 675-682, 2014.pdf reprint
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  • R. Karnik, S.C. O'Hern, M.S.H. Boutilier, C.A. Stewart, H. Au, N.G. Hadjiconstantinou, T. Laoui, M.A. Atieh, "Graphene Based Filter", US Patent No. PCT/US2013/031963, October 2013.
  • R. Karnik, S. Bose, M.S.H. Boutilier, N.G. Hadjiconstantinou, T. Jain, S.C. O’Hern, T. Laoui, M.A. Atieh, "Mitigating Leaks in Membranes", US Patent No. PCT/US2014/063301, November 2014.