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David E. Hardt

David E. Hardt

Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Ralph E. and Eloise F. Cross Professor in Manufacturing

Room 35-229
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
77 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge MA 02139-4307
Phone: 617-253-2252  
Fax: 617-253-2123  

Curriculum Vitae

Administrative Contact:
Carissa Leal
Room 35-231
Phone: 617-258-5622  


BSME, Lafeyette College, Easton, PA, June 1972
M.S., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, June 1974
Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology,Cambridge, MA, September 1978


MIT Service

July 1979 - June 1985 Assistant Professor
July 1985 - June 1992 Associate Professor
July 1985 - Jan. 1994 Director, Laboratory for Manufacturing and Productivity
Sept. 1988 - Aug 1993 Leaders for Mfg. Professor
July 1992 - Oct 2006 Professor

Oct 2006 - Ralph E. and Eloise F. Cross Professor of Mechanical Engineering
July 1994 - June 1995 Acting Co-Director, Leaders forManufacturing Program
July 1995 - Aug 1998 Co-Director, Leaders for Manufacturing Program
Jan 2000 - June 2005 MIT Chair, Innovation in Manufactuirng Systems and Technology Programe, Singapore – MIT Alliance

Oct 2006 - April 2007 Search Committee, Dean, School of Engineering

Sep 2000 - June 2007 ME Deaprtment Division Head, Controls, Manufacturing and Design

Jun 2005 MIT Chair, Manufactuirng Systems and Technology Programe, Singapore – MIT Alliance


U.S. Patents

  • "Adaptive Pressbrake Control," Gossard, D.C., Hardt, D.E., Stelson, K.A., Allison, B.T., West, J.A., and Webb, R.D., Patent granted September 9, 1983. Licensed to Cincinnati, Inc., First Royalties Paid, 1988.
  • "A Continuous Flow Arc Furnace for Stream Welding", Hardt, D.E. and Lee, S. G.Y., Patent granted July, 1996 US no. 5,544,195


Principal Publications for last five years

1.Hardt, D.E., Norfleet, N.A., Valentin, V.M, and Parris, A., “In-Process Control of Strain in a Stretch Forming Process”,.ASMEJournal of Engineering Materials and Technology 123,4, - October 2001 - pp. 496-503.

2.D. V. Tran, Y. C. Lam, V. M. Murukeshan, J. C. Chai, H. Y. Zheng, and D. E. Hardt, “Femtosecond Laser-Induced Damage And Ablation Of Crystalline Silicon: A Study In The Incubation Effect”, International Journal of Manufacturing Science and Technology (2004), Vol. 6, No. 2, pp. 26-33.

3.Hardt, D.E.,Rzepniewski, A. and Vaughan, C. D., “Cycle-to-Cycle Control of Multivariable Manufacturing Processes with Process Model Uncertainty”,Proceedings of IMECE,November 13-19, 2004. Anaheim, CA.

4.Hardt, D.E., Dirckx, M, Shoji, G., Thaker, K, and Wang,Q. “Process Control for Micro-Embossing: Basic Characterization Studies”, Proc. 3rd International Symposium on Nanomanufacturing (ISNM2005)Limassol, Cyprus,November 2-5, 2005.

5.Wang Q, and Hardt, D.E. , “Processing Window Identification and Process Variability Study of Micro Embossing , Proc., 1st International Conference on Micro-manufacturing, UIUC, IL, Sept 2006.

6.Thaker, K, and Hand D.E. “A Functional Testing System for Process Characterization of Hot Micro-Embossing of Microfluidic Devices, “Proc. 1st International Conference on Micro-manufacturing, UIUC, IL, Sept 2006.

7.Dirckx, M, Taylor, H.K., and Hardt, D.E., “High Temperature De-Molding for Cycle Time Reduction in Hot Embossing”, Proc. ANTEC, Cincinnati, April 2007.

8.Rzepniewski, A.K., and Hardt, D.E., “Development of General Multivariable Run-by Run Control Methods with Application to a Sheet Forming Process” to be published International Journal of Machine Tools & Manufacture, (Sept. 2007)

9.Dirckx, M., Taylor, H.K., and Hardt, D.E., ”Tooling for Micro-and Nano- Imprinting and its Consequences for Manufacturing” to appearInternational Journal of Nano-Manufacturing, 2007)


Scientific & Professional Societies

ASME, Society of Manufacturing Engineers, American Welding Society, Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma


Honors & Awards

Adams Memorial Membership Award, American Welding Society, 1989
Lafayette College Awards Colloquium Distinguished Alumnus Speaker, 1998

Department & Institute Committees

Feb. 1991 - May 1991 ME Dept. Head Search Committee
July 1992 - Jan., 1994 ME Academic Committee
July 1993 - July 1994 Search Com. Chair, Mfg.
Jan 1994 - July 1994 Search Com., Design
Jan 1993 - Jan 1995 Search Com., Tribology
Jan 1995 - June 1996 Graduate Program Review Com.
Sept 1997 – Jun 2000 M.E. Strategic Planning Com.

Oct 2006 - April 2007 Search Committee, Dean, School of Engineering


Professional Service

July 1994 - July 1996 Conference Chairman, Japan -US Symposium on FlexibleAutomation, 1996
July 1995 – Jan 1997 Integration Team Leader NSF Next Generation Manufacturing Study
Jan. 2000 - Mar 2006 National Research Council Review Panel for NIST Manufactirng Engineering Lab.

Mar 2003 - Sep. 2007 National Research Council Associateships Review Board

Jan 2006 - Singapore Manufacturing Excellence Award Program - Planning Committee member and Evaluator



Sencorp, Inc.Sept1991 -Sept 1993

Tech Advisory Board ABS Qual. Evaluations Inc. Sept. 1991 -Sept 1996

AMSCOSept. 1992 - Sept 1993

LaBrun and DoakJuly1995 -Oct1996

Foley, Hoag And Eliot Sept 1995 - Oct1997

AMETEK Specialty Metals Sept 1996 - Aug 1997

Weil, Gothshal & Manges Mar 1998 -May 1998

Robertson Ceco Corp. Mar 1998 -June 1998

A.T. Kearney June 1998 -June 2001

Cozen and O’ConnorJune 1999 -

Simpler Inc.Mar 1999 -

Lytron Corp.Jun 2002 -Sept. 2002

Latham & Watkins May 2003 -June 2005

Kaplan and BondOct 2005 -

Provost and UmphreyDec 2005 -

McDonough, Hacking and Lavoie Nov 2005- Jan 2007

Duggan & CaccavaroNov 2005 -Sep 1006

Count and Crush Inc.May 2006 - Sep 2006


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