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Thomas Peacock

Thomas Peacock

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Room 3-360
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
77 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge MA 02139-4307
Phone: 617-258-0736  
Fax: 617-258-8742  

Curriculum Vitae

Administrative Contact:
Lorraine Rabb
Room 3-343
Phone: 617-253-2210  


B.Sc. in Physics, Manchester University , 1994
D. Phil. in Physics, Oxford University, 1998

MIT Service

2008-present: Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering

2007-2008:  ARCO Associate Professor in Energy, Mechanical Engineering

2005-2007: ARCO Assistant Professor in Energy, Mechanical Engineering

2003-2005: Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering 

2000-2003: Instructor, Mathematics


Other related Experience

Mar2008-Jun2008: Visiting Professor, Mathematics, UBC

1998-2000:  Research Associate, University of Colorado


Research Interests

Internal Waves; Stratified Flows; Nonlinear Dynamics; Fluid Dynamics; Experimental Methods.


Teaching Interests

Mechanics; Nonlinear Dynamics; Fluid Dynamics; Experimental Techniques.



Co-producer of Internal Waves Documentary for Baddog Productions


Journal Publications

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Honors and Awards

Gledden Fellow, Institute for Advanced Studies, University of Western Australia (2012)

Visting Professor, ENS de Lyon (2012)

Invited Author, Physics Today (2010) 

Guest Editor, CHAOS (2009)

NSF CAREER Award in Physical Oceanography (2007)

Abkowitz International Travel Fellowship (2006)

ARCO Professorship in Energy (2005-2008)

ICTAM Travel Fellowship (2004)
APS Gallery of Fluid Motion (1999)
Royal Society Physics Research Award (1996)
Domus Scholarship, Oxford University (1995)
Samuel Bright Scholarship, Manchester University (1994)
Hatfield Scholarship, Manchester University (1993)



American Physical Society

American Geophysical Union

Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics.

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