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Richard M Wiesman

Richard M Wiesman

Professor of the Practice

Room 3-469
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
77 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge MA 02139-4307
Phone: 617-324-5260  

S.B. in Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1976
S.M. in Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1976
Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, Minor in Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1983

Principal Fields of Interest
Design, Dynamic Systems and Control, Robotics, Product Design and Engineering Management

MIT Service
Research Assistant - Department of Mechanical Engineering, 1975 to 1979
Lecturer, Sept. 1981 to May 1982
Visiting Lecturer, Sept. 2005 to 2007
Professor of the Practice - Department of Mechanical Engineering, 2007 to present

Employment and Professional Experience

Independent Consulting Engineer, Watertown, Massachusetts, 1979 to 1983
Senior Engineer, Foster-Miller, Inc., 1983 to 1985
Division Manager, Foster-Miller, Inc., Engineering Design Group, 1985 to 1990
Manager of Engineering, Foster-Miller, Inc., Design and Systems Integration Group. 1990 to 1996
Director, GridCom International, Incorporated, Oakland, California, 1996 to present
Vice President and Group Director, Foster-Miller, Inc., Electrical and Electronic Systems Group, 1996 to 2002
Senior Vice President, Foster-Miller, Inc., Electrical and Electronic Systems Group, 2002 to 2003
Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer - QinetiQ North America - Technology Solutions Group (Foster-Miller, Incorporated prior to November 2004), 2003 to present

Cornering Pipe Traveler, Wiesman, et al, US Patent No 5,172,639, December 22, 1992
Self-Powered Powerline Sensor, Wiesman, et al, US Patent No 5,892,430, April 6, 1999
Non-invasive Powerline Communications System, Wiesman, et al, US Patent No 7,158,012, January 2, 2007

Selected Publications
1. "The Potential for Resource Recovery from Demolition Wastes, "M.S. Thesis: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1976.
2. "An Investigation of the Potential for Resource Recovery from Demolition Wastes," with D.G. Wilson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Prepared under grant number AEN 75-14197, National Science Foundation - Research Applied to National Needs, October 1976.
3. "On Increasing the Range of Electric Wheelchairs," with W. Flowers and D. Jansson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Report to the Veterans Administration, 1977.
4. "Experimental and Analytical Characteristics of Linear Induction Motors for Transportation, " Ph.D Thesis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1982.
5. "Remotely Actuated Mobile Platform for Render Safe or Disposal," Foster-Miller, Inc., March 30, 1987.
6. "The Magnetic and Structural Design of a Liquid Hydrogen-Cooled Magnet Utilizing High-Purity Aluminum Conductors and a Boron/Epoxy Composite as Structural Reinforcement," with D.B. Cope and M.D. Snyder, Presented at the CEC/ICMC Conference at UCLA, July 24-28, 1989.
7. "High Strength Electrical Insulation Composites," with T. Fischer and R. Haghighat, Foster-Miller, Inc.
8. "Multichip Interconnect Substrate," with J. Burnett and K. Pasch, Foster-Miller, April 1990.
9. "GRI's Internal Inspection System for Gas Distribution Mains," American Gas Association, 1991 Operating Section Proceedings.
10. "High Strength Electrical Insulation Composites," with C. Carey, J. Gassner, M. Snyder, J. Larouco, and G. Testa, Report to Defense Nuclear Agency, Foster-Miller, Inc., October 1992.
11. "GRI's Internal Inspection System for Piping Networks," Proceedings, 40th Conference on Remote Systems Technology, 1992, Volume 2, American Nuclear Society.
12. "Internal Inspection Systems for Piping Networks," with R.R. Olander, Presented at First International Symposium on Process Industry Piping, Materials Technology Institute of the Chemical Process Industries, Inc., NACE International, December 14-17, 1993.
13. 'Investigation of Local Commutation as Applied to Linear Synchronous Motors for Use as a Maglev Propulsion System," with R. Fontana, B. Gamble, D. Cope, T. Mason and G. Bastarache, Draft Report submitted to FRA, 1994.
14. "Design and Demonstration of a Locally Commutated Linear Synchronous Motor," with R. Fontana, D. Cope and B. Gamble, Future Transportation Technology Conference and Exposition, SAE International, August 7-10, 1995; SAE Technical Paper Series, No. 951919.
15. "Material Handling Robot for Flow Through Storage Applications," with B. Candiloro, J. Dill, J. Downer, L. Fallin, and R. Smith, Mobile Robotics XIII, part of SPIE's Symposium on Intelligent Systems and Advanced Manufacturing, SPIE, The International Society for Optical Engineering, November 2-5, 1998.
16. "SCADA Applications for Power Distribution Systems; Intelligent, Distributed Sensor Networks," with A. Coolidge, Mitigation of Earthquake Disaster by Advanced Technologies (MEDAT-1), Sponsored by: MCEER, NSF, and I3R3CIS, March 2-3, 2000.

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