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Sangbae Kim

Sangbae Kim

Associate Professor

Room 3-455D
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
77 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge MA 02139-4307
Phone: 617-452-2711  
Fax: 617-258-9346  

Curriculum Vitae

Administrative Contact:
Alexandra Cabral
Room 3-461
Phone: 617-324-2805  





Harvard University                                                                  MA, USA

     Post-doctorate fellow at Micro-robotics lab                                     

Stanford University                                                              CA, USA

Doctorate,     Department of Mechanical Engineering                     

Thesis: Bio-inspired robot design with compliant underactuated system                                   Advisor: Mark R. Cutkosky, Ph.D

Stanford University                                                                  CA, USA

      Master of science,  Department of Mechanical Engineering

Yonsei University

     Bachelor of science,  Mechanical Engineering                    Seoul, Korea


2008 - 2009 


2004 - 2008





2002 - 2004

1994 - 2001



Massachusetts Institute of Technology

   Associate professor in Mechanical Engineering dept.

   Assistant professor in Mechanical Engineering dept.

    Director of Biomimetic Robotics Lab


Post-doctorate fellow          Harvard University             Cambridge, MA

Worked on Soft robotics project


Chief Technology Officer     AromTech, Inc.                  Palo Alto, CA

Worked on improvement of glass manipulation with directional adhesive in LCD assembly process with LG Phillips.

 Developed projects with Hasbro toy company utilizing the directional adhesive


Research Assistant             Stanford University              Stanford, CA

Designed of bio-inspired robots:  Stickybot, Spinybot, iSprawl

Worked on DARPA Robots in Scansorial Environment Project


Researcher                         Solutionix Inc.                      Seoul, Korea

Developed the first prototype of 3-D scanner

Created the first product for the startup company                    


Drill Instructor                    Military Service                Nonsan, Korea

Trained new recruits




2009.6- 2014.6



2008 - 2009



2007 -



2004 - 2008




2000 - 2001



1995 - 1997













NSF CAREER Award 2014

DARPA Young Investigator Award 2013
Edgerton Career Development Chair 2010 ~ 2013
Best Paper Award for the IEEE Transactions on Robotics, for the year 2008

Best Student Paper Award and Best Conference paper finalist 

               IEEE International Conference on Robotics & Automation 2007

Selected among TIME magazine’s Best Inventions of 2006 




l  Featured on The Discovery channel: Weird Science  

l  Featured on History channel:  Modern Marvels- “Sticky Stuff”

l  Featured on PBS Wired science:  Geek Beat 

l  Featured on ABC “Good morning America” 

l  Featured in National Geographic- “Design by Nature”

l  Featured in Forbes magazine- “7 Amazing robots that will change your life”

l  Featured in more than 50 other media coverage:

l  Presented at Google Zeitgeist Science Fair

l  Presented at DARPATech 

l  Presented at American Association for the Advancement of Science Annual meeting 2007



l  World’s first legged wall climbing robot using micro-spine array.

l  Best video Award

                IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation 2006

l  Featured on ABC news

l  Featured on ARTE documentary



l  Cockroach-inspired robot capable of running 15 body-lengths/s using flexible power transmission system

l  Featured on Science central

l  Featured on ARTE documentary

l  Featured on The DiscoveryChannel: Daily Planet 



















1.     Climbing with dry adhesive : Stickybot (Patent No.: 7762362 B2, Jul. 27, 2010), Mark R Cutkosky, Sangbae Kim

2.     Device and method for handling an object of interest using a directional adhesive structure (pending) in South Korea Appl. No. :10-2007-0025602, Sangbae Kim, Jin Lee

3.     Biologically inspired climbing device Patent No.: 8066088, Nov. 29, 2011, Mark R Cutkosky, Sangbae Kim, Alan Asbeck

4.     Variable Sti_ness Mechanism for Hyper-redundant Manipulator Based on Particle Jamming (pending) Shanbao Cheng, Nadia Cheng, Karl Iagnemma, Sangbae Kim, Yong-Jae Kim

5.     Tubular Mechanism Having Sti_ening Characteristics (pending), Cheng, Shanbao; Iagnemma, Karl; Kim, Sangbae; Kim, Yong-Jae

6.     Snake-Like Manipulator Having Adjustable Sti_ness Capability (pending), Shanbao Cheng, Karl Iagnemma, Sangbae Kim, Yong-Jae Kim

7.     Rotary Variable Compliance Joint (pending),Mojataba Azadi, Sangbae Kim

8.     Dual-coaxial robotic limb design high performance robots (pending), Sangbae Kim, Albert Wang, Sangok Seok, David Otten, and Jake Mckenzie




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