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Tomasz Wierzbicki

Tomasz Wierzbicki

Professor of Applied Mechanics
Director, Impact and Crashworthiness Laboratory

Room 5-218A
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
77 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge MA 02139-4307
Phone: 617-253-2104  
Fax: 617-253-8125  

Curriculum Vitae

Administrative Contact:
Barbara Smith
Room 5-320
Phone: 617-253-0137  


Ph.D. in Applied Mechanics, 1965
Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, Warsaw, Poland
S.M. in Engine Design, 1960
Warsaw Technical University, Warsaw, Poland
B.S. I took a unified program that led directly to the Master of Science.


MIT Service:

1983 to date: Professor of Applied Mechanics, Department of Ocean Engineering, MIT; currently the Department of Mechanical Engineering


Principal Publications in last five years: (Selected from last two years)
  1. X. Teng and T. Wierzbicki (2006), "Evaluation of six fracture models in high velocity perforation", Engineering Fracture Mechanics, 73(12): 1653-1678.
  2. Y. Bai, Y. Bao and T. Wierzbicki (2006), "Fracture of prismatic aluminum tubes under reverse straining", International Journal of Impact Engineering, 32(5): 671-701.
  3. Y-W. Lee and T. Wierzbicki (2005), "Fracture prediction of thin plates under localized impulsive loading. Part I: dishing", International Journal of Impact Engineering, 31(10): 1253-1276.
  4. L. Zheng, D. Petry, T. Wierzbicki and H. Rapp (2005), "Fracture prediction in 4-point bending of an extruded aluminum panel", Thin-Walled Structures, 43(4): 565-590.
  5. T. Wierzbicki, Y. Bao, Y.-W. Lee and Y. Bai (2005), "Calibration and evaluation of seven fracture models", International Journal of Mechanical Sciences, 47(4-5): 719-743.
  6. Y. Bao and T. Wierzbicki (2005), "On the cut-off value of negative triaxiality for fracture", Engineering Fracture Mechanics, 72(7): 1049-1069.
  7. X. Teng, T. Wierzbicki, S. Hiermaier and I. Rohr (2005), "Numerical prediction of fracture in the Taylor test", International Journal of Solids and Structures, 42(9-10): 2929-2948.
Scientific & Professional Societies:

Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers
American Society of Mechanical Engineering
International Society of DE


Honors & Awards:

Maximilian T. Huber Award for the best work in Mechanics, Polish Academy of Sciences, 1974
Chairman of the Euromech Colloquium No. 121 on "Dynamics and Crushing of Plastic Structures", 1978
Chairman of the Summer School on "Dynamics of Plastic Structures", International Center for Mechanical Sciences, Udine, Italy, 1979
Polish Academy of Sciences award for the book "Design of Structures to Dynamic Loads", 1979
Co-chair, First International Symposium, "Structural Crashworthiness", UK, 1983
Co-chair, Second International Symposium, "Structural Failure", Cambridge, MA, 1988
Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Senior US Scientist Award, 1988-1989
Co-chair, Third International Symposium, "Structural Crashworthiness and Failure", UK, 1993
Member of the Editorial Boards of the International Journal of Impact Engineering and International Journal of Vehicle Design

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